Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Well that wasn't a fun trip.
I got there Sunday evening - to have to wait until the next morning to get unloaded. They were supposed to have this a 24 hour unloading operation, not yet!  Next morning, walk over to Subway and yay! They had a Keurig machine in there!  Got me a couple of cups and talked to the other driver that had beaten me down there. He was going in to unload first and then I would leave the Walmart we were parked at about an hour and a half later.

But, about an hour later I called the plant manager. Well, he says, that guy didn't have steel toed boots so you can come now.  Okay.  I got there, got directed to a holding lot near the entrance and waited.  And waited. And waited.  Well wait, I had called the guy again when I got there and he said he was sending someone to come get me.

Well, I finally called him an hour later after waiting and he said that my manager had told him that they could unload an Airgas truck first.  I didn't say it, but I thought what a crock of shit.  This dude is lame. I got off the phone with him and immediately called my manager.  I didn't tell that guy shit, she says, let me make some phone calls.  I ended waiting in that holding lot for almost 5 hours.  When they finally came and got me and I got to the loading rack, the real story came out.

They didn't take an Airgas truck first, they had unloaded the other dude from our company, he apparently beat me back there, and then the valves for their giant holding tanks went crazy.  These people haven't got a clue what they're doing. As this scenario was unfolding before me for - hours - and baking in the hot sun and 90% humidity with fireproof jump suit on, just burning up - it became evident that their system is almost full and that's why they are having trouble.

Well, we get the truck half empty and then the crap started. Their valve automatically shut off the flow to the tanks. Why? Because all 3 tanks were full.  Don't these people understand when their system is giving them obvious signs of what's happening?  I'm not going into specific details of what occurred next cause I dunno - well I'm just zipping my mouth on all of that stuff.  I can say it took another 4 hours before I finally got out of there.  I was burning up.  These lame people went after water bottles and didn't bother to ask me or offer me one when they came back.  This is company supplied water, not anything they bought them selves.  I had forgotten to buy a case at the walmart and had run out.

I told them when the conversation came up that I was out of water.  My head was throbbing when I finally got out of there.  I drive for 2-1/2 hours and then shut down for the night.  Way too out of it to even think about driving through Houston - tho I would have if I wasn't so out of it.  I paid for that this morning, driving through Houston rush hour traffic and heavy rain.  2 hours getting through there.

I'm finally home, but 3 days wasted on a trip that isn't worth over 2 days at most in terms of pay.  Even with detention this trip isn't even close to being worth 3 days out.


That location will not be taking any more ethylene until they fire that plant up, which I'm told is going to be a while.  Meanwhile, I got my marching orders for tomorrow: Brownsville.  I still haven't been able to nail down the "new" detention pay rules, I was going to sit with the manager today and get this clarified but - they were out to lunch when I got there and I didn't want to wait. I knew  - well I guessed - that I was going to get sent out tomorrow and that means get the heck out of there, get my dogs, get home and just relax.  I usually don't do much on days when I get home and I know I'm going out the next day. 


Meanwhile, motivation piling up to get back into exercise.  I was doing dumbell bicep pulls - every day actually - while on the road.  Just took the dogs for a walk and amazed at how bad I have let myself get in terms of physical conditioning.  It's a simple walk.  Maybe a mile, brisk pace, huffing and puffing.  I'm taking small steps, not diving into it.  I've found in older age diving into things leads to failure.  Condition myself slowly, get used to it - slowly.  I'm out of shape, that's just the plain facts of it. I"m overweight, more facts.  I'm a bit sluggish because of it.  I've had to buy larger sized clothing.  I'm tired of it, it needs to stop.  I'm trying, but it's just take a step and take another step until I have all the steps in order and the weight gain stops.  You get into ruts and habits and they just don't go away overnight.  You have to fight the feelings the thoughts. But, I still rarely eat ice cream, sweets, candy.  But I have been eating heaving calorie, grease laden food.  I've had little exercise since starting this job.  I've done it here and there, but not a daily thing where I'm doing it out of enjoyment, I have to force myself now.

That's not a good thing, since I used to enjoy exercise and going to the gym was an adventure. 

I'm going to take the dogs to the lake the next full day I get and can spend a couple hours out there.  I wouldn't mind seeing if they will get into water. I think Aspyn will, I don't know if Addler will, lol.  He likes water - under controlled conditions haha. 

Well, I don't have an early load but enough for this post. 

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