Friday, September 28, 2018

These days are going to go down in history.  They will be reflected by historical scholars and pundits and - everyone - for a long time to come. I'm referring to this outrageous circus we call a Senate Judiciary Committee, specifically Senators on the left, the unbelievable accusations without corroboration, the stunning callous, unequivocal departure from the long held protocol of "presumption of innocence" to presuming a person is guilty, please feel free to prove your innocence bs.  This Kavanaugh hearing has brought out exactly what the left is all about. The scope of it is far worse than even the Clarence Thomas hearings, it's just astounding to watch the litany of unsubstantiated accusations being given any kind of weight by anyone in the committee.

I'm truly amazed at the lows that this nation is going to.  This is all about Trump, not Kavanaugh, and people that are obsessed with hatred of all things Trump, including any nominee, according to Schumer, that Trump puts forth.  Kavanaugh needs to be voted in, that's all there is to this.

Kavanaugh saved his own ass today with his extended, accurate, scorching, opening  statement that left no stone un-turned, even pressing against individual members of the Committee who have made outrageous statements against Kavanaugh in the news media.   


I was listening to the hearings on and off all day long.  It was only off because I was in lack of cellphone signal strong enough to stream video.  I'm glad to be home for at least a day so I can not have to use cell phone data to see the reporting on this.  

Okay, well today.  There was a trailer in the yard in Brownsville when I arrived at midnight, so I spent the night sleeping there and then got up, hooked up the trailer and took off.  5 hours later, my manager calls me.  You left the yard already?  Yea, hours ago.  Oh, I needed a trailer from the Mexican company, not one of ours. 

I'm thinking, what?  If she wanted that, why didn't she tell me that?  I dunno. I guess she could have had me turn around and drive 300 miles back, but there wasn't another trailer there and there was another tractor from our company waiting on a trailer.  She knew that, of course, but said she needed another one.  I guess she'll remember to let me know in the future that she needs a specific type of trailer?  Certainly not my fault, I would have gladly waited and get detention pay.  As it stands, I didn't get any detention pay from down there on this trip.  I had thoughts of doing some things down there, hoping to have to wait.  

Anyway, somewhere around Lufkin, I saw a tractor heading south. Lol.  She sent a driver down there without a loaded trailer to wait and get a mexican trailer.  

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...