Saturday, September 29, 2018

This is a do-nothing day for me.  I've spent the last 5 days out on the road, I will take a day for myself.  I just found out I have tomorrow off as well, so I will plan on getting things done tomorrow. Otherwise I would be doing the bare minimum to just get myself ready for the next run. The only problem with the last 5 days is that 3 of them were wasted with that new Cheniere run and it certainly isn't going to pay anything near what I need/want a 3 day run to pay off.  I've made West Virginia once a 3 day run and that was 2,000 miles. This new Chenire is only 810 miles round trip, huge difference when it comes to mileage pay. I estimate maybe $200 in detention pay, simply not enough to make up for the time spent.  Yes, I said something about it, I shouldn't have to spend that much time doing one run on such a short trip and not make decent money doing it.  Whether that saying something pays off, I will find out next paycheck.

The next run is Cheniere near Port Arthur. This is the place that takes far too long to deliver and makes it go over a day run, which it really should be, a one day run.  But, I will have a partial Monday off but then I will need to be sent out on a minimum 3 day run to get some funds going on my next paycheck.  This Cheniere is a waste of my time, it does little for my paycheck, I hate the place, but it's whatever.  They had a plant shut down, hence we haven't been going there in a while. The new cheniere is over-filled. They haven't fired that up yet and so I don't expect to go back there in a while.  I would definitely take another Brownsville run, tho.

I need to find my passport, I'm pretty much thinking I'd like to take a day trip across the border to Matamoros. From what I'm reading, getting into Mexico is easy, getting back into the states requires a passport.  I have also read that it isn't safe for Americans over there and honestly? I haven't been to Mexico in decades. I've spent a LOT of time traveling over there, but that was before the drug cartels started killing people.  That wouldn't stop me from taking a trip to the areas they say are safe as along as you are in and out during the daytime.  You can't take your firearm over there - that will send you to prison indefinitely - so I'd probably just follow their advice and guidelines.

What do I expect to find? A different culture of course. I've spent years in those border towns and I was in Matamoros in the mid 80's.  I don't actually expect it to have changed that much - Mexico is a poor nation.  But some good eating, perhaps some good buys, just a sight seeing adventure really.  With that in mind, I'm going to dig through my boxes until I find that passport.  I may need it next year anyway.  Taylor still wants to go - she is depending on income tax returns to fund it.  I have money being diverted to a savings account in case that happens. I want airfare and hotel plus ample spending money to tour if that happens.

Why not have an adventure?  I really love Mexico, mexicans are very giving people in reality.  I think they have fallen for the hate-Trump campaign that the American left leaders have been purporting for a while, but they aren't bad people.  I don't care for them coming over here illegally, tho I can understand why they would want to do it.  In fact, I'm quite opposed to them just walking over there and now? Demanding asylum?  Please spare me.  Go through the proper channels or just stay home.

Anyway, I'm trying to find that passport - it got lost in the move from the move of one bedroom in this house to the one I'm in.  I'm very happy for the move, this is a much larger bedroom,, has a walkin closet and a personal bathroom.

Ribs in the smoker.  Half rack in the oven.  Some people here don't like smoked meats.  Trying new rub for the meat - a sweeter version that will appeal to the crowd that wants a sweeter taste than the normal rubs will give.  I like both so no biggies to me.

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