Monday, October 1, 2018

16 hours from the time I left this morning and - actually made it back tonight.
The loading plant was fine, the drive down there not so wonderful.
I had only had 4 hours of sleep and when I went to fuel with the new fuel card, it didn't work either.

I texted my manager about the fuel card, but I left the fueling station I was at. It would have taken too much time, I was having hopes that I might make it home today.

Just bypassing a lot of stuff, my manager finally texted me back 2 hours later.  Oh, well you have to use another digit on your social security number now.  Great, they changed the password without bothering to tell me.  Was I supposed to intrinsically know that information?  I ended up at a Petro in or near Beaumont, not sure really, used that password and walaah, fuel!

Down at Cheniere.  I was shocked. I got into the plant and they came up to get me within 5 minutes. Even after all the time I lost with that fuel card crap, I thought I might still have a chance to make it home today.

I pumped that trailer up to 95 pounds - 10 pounds below the point where the safeties release product automatically into the atmosphere - and we got busy offloading it.  I got out of there with 4 hours and 45 minutes left on the clock.


Monday.  Things are coming together. I'm kind of surprised it happened this fast to be honest.
But I have 2 tenants to take the available rooms in the house.  Here's the problem that could have occurred: I signed onto this lease as well as the other 2. Now, my friends told me that might come back to bite me later on, but I always had confidence that if something did go down between these two characters, one would leave and then I would rent out the departed tenant's room.

That is exactly what is happening here. But it's actually going to work out to my advantage now.  For I have rented out all 3 rooms - Rene is in one but the other 2 are also being filled.  In looking at the finances - what will come in and what will go out, I might have to pay at most $50 per month, versus the over $200 I'm paying now with Donny and Rene in there.  I did that to help those people, that was my only motivation, I have always tried to help people in my lifetime, that aspect of me hasn't changed and likely never will.

Okay, sometimes even to my own harm.  That's a trait I have been working on.  I really had to find a place where I need to look out for myself as well and really count the costs of helping any particular person in whatever endeavor that may end up being.  In this case, I did count the costs and I figured that if worse came to worst, I would be able to re rent the rooms and nothing would change.  So, Donny is going to live with his uncle. His uncle apparently has no idea that he is a crack addict and a drunk.  I don't know his uncle, I feel no particular interest in telling him.  He'll figure this out on his own. 

I don't hate Donny, I really wish he would get help. 

Anyway, I thought I might get some pushback from Rene about renting both rooms out. The biggest inconvenience is going to be sharing a shower with 3 people. Not at the same time lol, you know what I mean, 3 people using the same bathroom. But one of the rooms has it's own personal bathroom, just no shower in it. So that at least alleviates the main bathroom of 3 people constantly using it.  Rene can take a shower whenever the other 2 aren't there. That alleviates at least her portion of it. From what I'm seeing, one of them has a totally wild schedule, so he'll not be taking a shower at regularly scheduled times, I do believe this is going to work out. 

But belief is based on the hope of people being civil, respectful of each other and being able to give and take. Some people do that naturally, others aren't so inclined.  I have been renting out rooms for a long, long time, I know how this works.  It can go either way.  I'm forced now to learn Texas renting rules and how to get rid of tenants. Actually it's not my house so I would have to dump that onto the owners, or, they could make me a landlord and then I could legally take care of it.  Whatever the case, I certainly wasn't going to just eat $800 per month. That's not happening.

Anyway, if it works out, I'll be getting $1,200 per month and the bills are - a little over that.  I'm fine with that, I will still have a place to take my dogs for almost free.  Actually, winter is coming so the gas bill will go up, but nothing I can't deal with.  Even if it went up $100, I'd still be fine with it.  There aren't any places where you can take 2 dogs and have them babysat for days at a time - at least 15 days out of the month - for $100, $200 or even $300.  But $200 was my threshold. After that, I wouldn't be so inclined to do this and think about asking Taylor if she would take care of them while I'm gone and I'll pay her the money instead.

Just means the dogs would be outside,  alone all day long.  I thought the situation with Rene was better. She truly loves those dogs, she treats them like they are her own, she really does. And she offered to have them to stay in her room now.  I figured a couple of doggy beds in the living room and put up a gate, but she insisted she would have them in her room.  Again, if all goes as it's heading right now, I will have a much sweeter set up than what it was with Donny there. 

Whatever, and not counting my chickens before they hatch, they have to pay the rent and then move in - but if that occurs I'm in a decent position with that house.  Funny that even in a small town such things can occur.  Perhaps my desires for fun items such as a 4 wheeler or a boat should stay on the track towards property.  I haven't done anything about buying any toys yet. 


A bit disconcerting that I didn't hear from my manager today.  I had 2 days off, then worked Sunday, then today off, fully expected to be sent out tomorrow. Well, maybe not "fully" since so many trucks were sitting in the yard yesterday. 

Uhh, well, looking at my paycheck today, I've made almost double now, at this point in time, than what I made at Ferguson for a full year. Guess I need to sit back and rethink all of that. Still, a LOT of negatives in this company beyond pay  I guess what irks me is if I had known about this much time off in advance, I'd have just take off out of here.  Like, road trip or back to Phoenix, but out of here. 

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Beautiful day in northeast Texas. Well, it's hot and humid but oh well lol. Good day to re-read th...