Thursday, October 11, 2018

A rather nice, relaxing day off.  Got a haircut, went over to Lowe's to see their end of season sales on plants, to Chili's for a bite to eat and then Walmart to get some dog food and yes, some more fish. Small Goldfish and Koi.  They don't have large fish there and I don't like buying large fish.  I'd rather get them really small and watch them grow over time.  I have that pond loaded with fish now.  Probably won't get any more unless I see Koi that I really like, I far prefer Koi over goldfish but a mix of both in a pond is nice.  I'm going to buy a cheap greenhouse and cover the pond this winter and not have to worry about excessive cold freezing up the pond. Koi and goldfish can actually tolerate very cold temps, but I want my plants to live as well and the greenhouse effect keeps it warm enough in there to keep them from freezing over during a frost event.  It's frost that kills them.  Small investment.

Meanwhile, I was looking into business degrees online.  The prices are not cheap.  I mean, much more than I expected.  "Cheap" being 11 grand and expensive being almost 100k.  I guess I figured I could find something at a reasonable price in the "thousands" range, not the tens of thousands of range.  I don't want to go into debt to go to school, especially at my age.

I'm not really sure what to do about that, just keep searching I guess.  I can't do a regular classroom setting since I have no regular off time.  Maybe it's a pipe dream to go back to school. I just have to keep looking, perhaps something will turn up.  I could do classes out on the road, just get myself a new laptop with a larger screen.  And switch to unlimited internet.

Anyway, after all that came back home, put the fish in the pond -they are all doing nicely and none of them died off - got dinner made early, sat back and ignored the news lol.  Just insanity, pure, utter insanity.  Eric Holder proclaiming to "kick 'em" referring to all of the right.  The left is asking it's base to engage in hostilities - if they think that is going to work, wait until they pick on the wrong person or group of people.  It's going to get ugly, quickly.


Thursday morning. Mixed feelings about late loads. Nice to not have to get up rushed and fly out the door, sit and sip coffee for a few hours, watch some news - adjusting that - the hurricane news is unbelievable.  I mean, there was some serious damage done by that storm. 

Ugh. So Rene shows up right before I'm leaving - like the hour before I leave I have a lot to do, messing around with lawn mowers and Taylor loaning out tv's isn't on my list of things to have to do.  Then I found the pond pump quit which got me going, but turns out the dogs probably just ran by the cord and unplugged it. I just dumped a bunch of new fish in there plus the ones that were already there, I can't leave for 2 days without having fresh water being pumped to oxygenate the water. 

Anyways, all taken care of, a few precious moments remaining. It's going to be a long day trying to make it to Brownsville after I get loaded at the plant. it's 10-1/2 hours and I won't be out of the plant until at the earliest probably around 3:00 pm, I dunno if I'll even make it down there today.  I'd prefer to but that means being up until 1:00 am or even later.  Guess I'll figure that out when I get south of Houston and whether it took too long to get through there.  Hmm, better call my manager and see if the loading is going smoothly.

Well, off to the races.

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