Sunday, October 14, 2018

Saturday.  I didn't go to bed last night until 3:00 am, so for me to be feeling as good as I do right now is actually quite amazing - to me anyway.
I only got 5-1/2 hours of sleep.

Ok, I didn't get back from Brownsville and to the yard until around 11:30 and then didn't get home until around 12:30 am.  I don't just go to sleep when I get home, usually, I sit down and relax and get on the computer and just check things out.  I mean, I didn't even realize it was that late until I looked up at the clock lol.

So, anyway, got up and went to the Fireant Festival. Some thing they have yearly.  Their 2 kids were in it, and the nursery had borrowed my trailer to use for the parade.  I figured I might as well go take a look.  Pretty amazing actually. A lot of people out there, a lot of stands with all kinds of different things being proffered.   I couldn't find James and I knew Taylor and the boys were on the float, so I just wandered around looking at everything.  Signed up for 2 different raffles for guns.  They weren't free, but what the heck, see if my luck is any good.

The parade started at 10:00 am and was pretty amazing actually. It's a small town and everyone is happy to be a part of this parade. I almost felt like I should have brought my Great Dane, he would have been a show pleaser lol.  The float with Taylor and the daycare came along, it was pretty cool. They had made the word "HEROES" out of pics of servicemen and women both alive and passed on.

It won the best float award later on.  Never did find any of them after that, wandered around a while longer and decided to come home.  Having had not received any marching orders for the weekend, I was about to text my manager when she texted me.  She's changed her modus operandi as of lates. Instead of giving out assignments for the weekend on Friday, she just does it whenever.  So I found out my next load is the first load, Monday morning. Not at all excited about getting up at 3 am, but at least I won't be out until past midnight trying to get down there.  Seems it's one or the other lately.  But, when I start on the clock at 4:30 am, I can't be on that clock later than 6:30 pm.  The day ends early, if there's no trailer I can get a bit of detention pay.

That, however, is dwindling down for the Brownsville run.  They mostly have a trailer down there now, it's getting pretty rare that there isn't one.  The organization down there came under new management and new management wants costs down.  Understandable, it was a nice gravy train while it lasted. It still happens here and there but not near as often as it used to.  It's still a good run anyway, good miles so I'm not going to complain.  I just like free vacations lol.

Well anyway we were going to go back up there but - I didn't feel like it. 2 hours was enough for me.  I mean, okay, I was thinking about going back up but it's pouring rain now, which is a bummer for them.  It's a big production and it's supposed to go on well into the night.  But it's raining cats and dogs and I can't imagine families staying out there in this mess.

Ahh, well now we have tornado watches.  Lol.

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