Sunday, October 21, 2018

Day 7 on diet.
Still not in ketosis.
I have been following the diet closely, rest assured I'm hardly eating any carbs at all.
They say it could take up to 7 days I think it was, to get into ketosis, well day 7 is here.
Haven't checked it yet tho.  There's a lot of cooking in this diet, way more than anything we
were doing here previously.  I've been doing most of the cooking since I've been home, but I'm ready to take a break from it.  I spent this morning making breakfast and lunch, it's their turn to
put out and make dinner and tomorrow's meals.  Or I'll help, lol, but doing it all gets old. 

That's a lot of what I've done today, I have other things to do such as tidying up my room and going through some boxes to see if I can find what on  earth I did with my passport and birth certificate.  I certainly do not want to go through all of that again, especially the ordeal of getting a birth certificate. They don't make it easy.  I suppose they shouldn't but it certainly motivates me to find it.  I can't believe I didn't just leave it in a place where I could easily find it when I was moving from one to another.  I assuredly put it in a "safe" space so it wouldn't get damaged, but that was too safe a space.  I am pretty sure I stuffed my birth certificate in an envelope with other important papers - but so far all of those envelopes have turned out no show. 

I'm sure I'll find both of them eventually and then I'm going to put it where I know I will find it and put it on a computer file names Passport, this is what you did with it! lol

But right now, I"m taking a break.  I certainly can't and won't claim that my energy levels are anything near pre-diet levels. Just get worn out quickly.  The only reason I'm glad the truck is in the shop and not earning a paycheck at the moment is for fact of this transition from carbs to fat/protein.

I will have tomorrow off, that's a given.  I'll get some of the other stuff I wanted to get done - done.  Well, I might have to go in and get a ride to get the truck, not really sure about that yet.


End of Sunday. I weighed myself a few minutes ago to get a grasp on my 7 days, but actually, we started on Monday now that I think of it.  Last Sunday we ate a bunch of junk because we knew we weren't going to be doing that again for quite a while if we manage to stay on this diet.  Down to 224 from 227.  I am not losing the higher amounts others have reported because I have not gone into ketosis. I am not cheating on the diet, it's very low carbs, so it's a bit perplexing.  But, there is always tomorrow. 

We also decided to venture off on our own.  Some of these recipes just don't taste that good. There are hundreds if not many  more recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the net.  It's simply a matter of finding the ones that have comparable calories and low carbs as what we're doing and that has been done. The menu for the entire upcoming week selected. Not cooked of course, but at least that much.  The misses here is missing bread, turns out there is a version of rolls made out of almond flour that you can make that is low carb. 

This diet may have more fat than I like - but that's how keto works if you ever get into ketosis - but it's still low calorie.  It's probably half the calories I have been consuming up until now. 

Anyway, off to bed. Hopefully work calls tomorrow saying the truck is finished so I can go back to work. 

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