Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Diet Day 9.
I feel like a pile of death every morning.
It's terribly hard to get out of bed.  I still have
headaches, but only in the morning now. It's better than headaches all day long as was the case for the first 6 or 7 days of this diet.  The only good thing about the truck still being in the shop - and never hearing back from the mechanic  about when it's going to be done - is that I don't have to do anything.  That's a really good thing because right now? Even when the headache passes, once I start doing anything, I get drained of energy quickly.  I'm just holding fast to the sites that say it can take weeks for your body to adapt to feeding off fat instead of sugar intake.

Ok. Paid off all my credit cards, added up to more than I originally thought.  Almost 9k instead of the around 8k I thought it was at.  That's 9 accounts. Well 2 of them are credit accounts, one at Fingerhut - which I only owed a few hundred dollars and Paypal - which I had racked up 1k in debt.  I actually use Paypal all the time but I don't use the credit option anymore. I always opt to pay out of my bank account - now anyway.  I won't be able to put as much towards the care credit/dental card as I wanted, but it's fine.  I didn't expect that one to get paid down that fast anyway.  I owe them $5,100, I figured a couple years to pay that off when I got into that.

At least I had $1,500 paid by insurance and paid around $600 cash when I had all this stuff done.  The bad part is there is still other work I need done to my teeth, but the worst of it is done.  The bottom front teeth are all pushing together and are chipped. I think they can do that laminate bonding on there, no crowns needed.  Well let me put it this way, I'm not putting crowns on them regardless. They aren't that bad and I have no need to get another 4k or so in debt to get them fixed.  I will probably stay at this company until next year now that I've made it this far and use the next $1,500 to get all of that done.

Anyway, it feels good to have all those cards paid off.  A thing I used to hate every month because I didn't want to do auto pay on them.  I set this loan up for auto pay so I don't have to remember it.  In fact, almost everything I have going in terms of bills and payments is all set up on autopay now. There is simply too much of it to try and keep track of.

Now, I need to write down all my expenses.  The bank helps me with a generic version of that tho, it shows how much I've paid and how much I've deposited.
Now it's sit back and wait time. It should go something like: Credit score dive - 10k loan added to everything else.  I bet my score tanks to poor area, who knows but that's my bet.  Then, after credit cards finally report all of this, it will show all of my available credit - available.  No use of them at all.  That will at least bring my score up to where it is now, but I'm willing to bet it will go higher.  The random factor is whether the 10k loan, even after the credit card companies have reported, will still hold me back.  I don't think so, because it's going to show 100% of my available credit being available.  That's a very good thing in the eyes of creditors and credit scoring.

This is a gamble, but not really.  I am in no more debt than I was with the balances on the card and I'm paying a lower interest rate.  If I can get my score up into good range, I'll get another loan to pay off this loan and have lower monthly payments and pay less net interest at the end of the loan. Same with the SUV.  They refinance vehicle loans nowadays, if I could get my score up high enough it would be worth it.  Take 3 grand off of interest payments by the end of the loan? Heck ya.

Enough of that.  I weighed in at 215 pounds this morning. A bit shocking.  Weight dropping off as if I were taking a blade to my fat and cutting it off in small chunks every day.  I'm thinking of going and getting a new scale, I just don't trust that thing. I'd like 2 scales, one to back the other one up. If they are close in their weight then I will trust that they are somewhere in the ballpark of actual weight.

It's just strange that all of a sudden my weight is dropping that fast.  If that scale is correct, I'm down almost 12 pounds in 9 days.

And here: "The extreme carb restriction is often accompanied by adverse side effects. Commonly known as the "keto flu," the transition may cause a period of fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, "brain fog," headaches, irritability, muscle cramps, and nausea."

Yes to all of that! Ugh. Well I don't have muscle cramps and maybe a little nausea but not too bad. Everything else? In high doses.  


Okay.  The truck won't be done until Friday. I decided to take some comp time.  I'm not sure how that's going to hit next month when I'm supposed to get a full year's worth dumped into my account.  Wait and see but I've been off too long, I need to supplement it at least a bit.

I asked my manager about having too many drivers. She said she had sent some back  - those are drivers that have been sent here to cover the increase of work we had, they came from other divisions.  Plants have been cancelling orders - that happens all the time but sometimes it occurs that several will happen at the same time. These plants that use ethylene shut down rather frequently. They get all kinds of issues and the entire plant is shut until it's fixed. 

Anyway, bedtime.

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