Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Diet Day 10.
Was at 217 this morning.  No more losses but I'm not going to worry about that unless it stays that way - or goes back up.
I am very hungry today.  Yesterday I wasn't hungry at all and had to force myself to eat, today I could eat a couple of ribeyes and think nothing of it.
I didn't do that, of course, tho steak is allowed on the diet, not much steak, too many calories.  Instead I ate a muffin this morning with my coffee with heavy cream and the rest of the mushrooms from yesterday and a brat link.  It was very tasty but after consuming it I was - and still am - quite hungry. 

And thirsty. Drinking lots of water. I would be afraid to go look at my weight right now after drinking 5 glasses of water/coffee/tea.  I'm doing a detox tea, one large cup every day.  Now I'm adding MCT oil - tho it comes in a powder - because most of the keto diets say it really helps.  Brain energy, easily digestible, can help to higher the ketosis level and fuel for exercising among other claims being made on numerous sites that pretty much are all saying the same thing.  So I'm adding a little to my drinks and on top of food a few times a day.  I dunno if that's made me hungrier or just the fact that I haven't been eating that many calories on a daily basis.

Anyway, my green house showed up.  Big box, heavy.  Got it out back, opened up and - found no instruction manual. Just a single piece of paper that identifies the parts and how many of each you should have. Wonderful  Well I at least inventoried the parts and it's all there, that was a good thing. I spent some time trying to find an instruction manual online and finally found it, printed it and ready to go.

Excepting it's raining.  I'm not getting wet to put this thing up.  Try again tomorrow. I do have a fire going out there, the wood is wet but using the cardboard from the green house box got some nice coals going and eventually the fire got going nicely. 

But, today is all about bombs being sent to CNN, Clinton, Obama, Holder and whoever else.  I think Cuomo and one was found in the Congressional mail center.  None of them went off, lots and lots of speculation as to who what and why.  CNN predictably blaming Trump for "escalating" hositilies - which I found laughable.  You have Hillary saying the left can't be civil until they are voted back into power, Holder saying kick them when they're low, Maxine saying her infamous words of pushing back and harassing cabinet members and spartacus (Corey Booker) making whatever stupid statement he made.  And they want to blame this on Trump. Let's spread the blame alllll around, shall we? 

And of course we have the gigantic caravan that's heading this way  -tho reports say it will take a month of walking for them to get here and more reports saying their feet are sore and they may run out of steam long before they make it clear up here.  Now here's the fun part: the closest border entry is Matamoros and you guessed it: Brownsville.  No one is saying they are heading there, but that's the closest one, the place I go down to frequently.  I dunno, but Brownsville would be, IMO, the worst place to come through.  There is literally BP every where and they patrol the highway going north up and down for about 70 miles worth?  I mean, they are a major presence.


Well, I got the "problem" with Directv figured out. The extra $45?  Someone over there watching Biking blondes of sun, Hawaiian babes of whatever and 2 other pay per views that didn't specify what it was.  Yeah, no.  I immediately called Directv, got all that shut off and shut down the movie channels except for one block. 

Of course, that meant ... calling Directv. The lady in the Philippines?  No thanks.  I explained to her twice what I wanted done and she still didn't understand, ok, just give me your manager.  15 minutes later, the supervisor gets on the phone with the same results.  I give up.  Cancel the service.  What?  CANCEL THE SERVICE.  Oh, well we'll have to switch you over to the loyalty department to do that.  GOOD, MAYBE I'LL GET TO SPEAK TO AN AMERICAN IN AMERICA. 

Well that took care of the problem.  I didn't ask for freebies, I haven't been with them on that account that long. Maybe 4 months.  The lady removed access for anyone to order anything off the remotes, topped it off by putting it at a penny limit - in case they did figure out how to, they maximum amount they can spend is one cent.  She got rid of the movie channels except Showtime.  That's what Rene wanted with promise to pay for it for I'm not paying for movie channels and then, as an extra added bonus...well the lady got off the phone for a few minutes ..... she gave me $5 off for Showtime for 6 months and credited my account for the full amount for the nude showcasing of women. 

Again, I didn't ask for any of that, she offered it and I gleefully accepted it.  The Directv bill is now cut by $50 and no possibility of any more of this lewd nonsense. Sorry, I don't watch stuff like that, just not my cup of tea. Not to mention an expensive habit at $10.99 a pop - on my dime.  Amazing that dude would even do shit like that. I was going to demand him pay it back but since Directv credited my account for that crap I will refrain.

So there it is. 

My greenhouse?  Dragged that thing out back, took everything out instruction manual.  I mean seriously, there are all these parts.  There was one sheet that showed what the parts are and how many you should have, so at least I did an inventory and found it's all there.  Found the manual on line, printed it and - it started raining. Has been raining ever since.  Maybe tomorrow if the rain stops. 

Had a nice hot fire going tho.  The coals are so hot that even the rain isn't phasing it, hours later it's still going strong.  But I've had enough of that for one day so that can smolder out. 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...