Friday, October 26, 2018

Day 12 on diet.
No noticeable change in weight.  I check once a day, sometimes twice, once in the morning  and then again at night.  
The real deal is it appears I'm getting deeper into Ketosis.  As for carbs, I haven't cheated on this diet at all.  For calories? I've had a few additional snacks here and there, but stuff that is less than 200 calories and either no carbs or very low carbs and really hardly doing that at all.  Last night was an exception when I had a teaspoon of Almond Butter - a substitute for peanut butter. 

I gave up on looking for birth certificate yesterday, not altogether but I got started on the greenhouse project.  I can say that the directions were rather useless.  The frame kept falling over, I was starting to get - upset - with this setup.  I ended up coming up with my own plan to put the thing up and was successful after I did that.  However, before I went off on my own "instruction manual", I had tried fully 3 times in a span of a couple of hours trying to put the blooming thing up per the manual instructions. Fail, fail, fail.  

I'm likely not going to put the cover over the frame today.  The reason being that I am very likely going out on the road tomorrow - that truck better be done, it's been 10 days now - I want to be around at least a couple of days if possible to make sure there aren't any issues.  Of course, that may not happen anytime soon since I've been off so much, I'm going to push to get my share of road time in.  I got paid today - it's bi-weekly pay - and it was a much better paycheck than I expected.  If I can get the next 6 days worth on the road, I will have at least something on my next paycheck and including taking 30 hours of paid leave time.  I hated to do that, but it's I can't be having a half paycheck if at all possible. I'd like to find out how much it will be paid out at as well.

My manager isn't really good at answering questions like that.  She's overworked, I get that, but she should know what the pay is based on and how much that pay should be or find out.  Instead, well, "I think it's based on how much you've made thus far". That didn't answer my question at all.  What does that mean?  An average weekly amount?  That would be a decent amount if so.  I'll leave that to speculation land.

It's been raining here a lot, my firewood is soaked. It takes a couple hours to get a good fire going.  I mean, you have to have good coals going to dry out and then burn wet wood.  Plus, the remaining wood I have is rotting. I really got burned on that last load of firewood. Their claims of it being seasoned was a bald faced lie. But, they threw in a bunch of really old wood with it and some huge logs that weren't split and had already started to rot.  I got somewhere near a cord of wood, but I really got ripped off on that deal.  So, in looking for another cord of wood, I specifically asked a person selling split firewood on Facebook marketplace if his wood was seasoned and how long? He replied, oh yes, definitely seasoned, for two months!

This is what I'm referring to.  These people don't know anything what they are talking about.  Ask them if it's a full cord and the dimensions? Yes, a full cord! Then they cite dimensions that are anything but a full cord in measurement - or - they are cutting the wood at 18 or 16 inches and therefore you are being shorted a full 6 or 8 inches per piece of wood.  Add up a hundred or hundreds of pieces? Yea, that's getting shorted pretty good. At $190 and up per cord, that's pretty expensive for being shorted on the goods.  I'm just looking around until I find someone that actually knows firewood and is selling it in actual, full cords of wood. Yes, I'm on the road alot but in the winter, I'm sitting out back if I"m not doing anything else and enjoying a nice hot fire in the pit. 

So there it is. One of my credit card accounts already showed all this "negativity" on my credit score. It shows me using over 50% of available credit. That will change to 100% available credit as soon as the card companies report all of it.  Amazingly, my score didn't go down but a few points with this loan. Weird.  I'm guessing/hoping that they view this loan as just that, a loan with a definitive end date and not an open credit line and that all of this available credit on my cards is a separate thing.  That is what has been holding my credit back plus the late payments on the mortgage.  That's hurting my score as well. That was going on two  years ago now? Or longer?  I'll have to look but it's at least 3 years I think before all of that starts dropping off. I had thought it was dropping off one at a time per month, but that turned out to be a false hope. I'm hoping for all of them to increase my credit line, that will help even more.  


Spent the morning going through boxes. No longer a "find the birth certificate" only thing, now it's just going through stuff and chucking a lot of it.  Not everything tho. Some Christmas cards from dad.  Other little notes and things.  Old clothes, stuff I don't fit into. Throwing out the "bad" stuff but keeping some of it in hopes I may eventually fit back into them. 2 sizes down from what I'm at now.  Which would basically mean losing all those extra 30 plus pounds and slimming up quite a bit.  I remain hopeful.  

No word about the truck yet.  It's 1 pm, so I'm going to contact my manager soon and find out what's going on.  I fully expect to get sent out for the weekend.  If that doesn't happen it should only be because the truck for some reason isn't done  yet, not because there is no work. After being off this long I should have precedence at the top of the list for a good run.  

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...