Monday, October 29, 2018

I had trouble going to sleep last night.  The cough medicine wasn't working on the runny nose business and it kept me awake.  I'm not sure when I got to sleep but I woke up a few hours later and I never was able to get back to sleep. 3am, I just got up and got moving, dreading the day because of the lack of sleep and being sick.  I just plowed through everything and got it done, got to the yard and thankfully, the fourth trailer she had assigned me had no issues with it. I'm quite curious as to who pulled their tractor out from under that trailer and pulled their airlines out with it and the other one that was crashed but not reported and yet another that she said had an issue with that I never bothered to look at. 

Anyway, the first load, at least, always goes quickly . I was in and out of there in 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I stopped at a truck stop just down the road from the plant, got a black coffee  - no cream or sugar - and headed down the highway.  I had a goal to get about  600 miles to the Flying J.  I was so sleepy, but if I were to stop and take  a nap, it wouldn't have worked out to make it that far because down the line I'd have to stop again to reset my 8 hours.  I pushed through it and finally woke up a few hours later. 

300 miles later I got to take my break - I slept for 30 minutes after fueling and felt better.  In fact, I really started feeling much better.  It was kind of strange. Like better than I've felt in a long time, even tho I'm sick with this head and chest cold. The runny nose stuff started to disappear today, that was fast.  Usually that junk goes on for days and days.  The coughing also subsided. I'm not going to credit this diet, I dunno how eating differently would help fix a cold, but it does seem odd.  I've never had a cold start to subside that fast in my entire life.  It's not gone tho, not at all, just very much lightened up.  

Well, I got to the Flying J exit but I still had time on the clock. Up the road is TA truckstop and further up is Love's  I figured for sure the TA, I would have plenty of time to get there, but I really wanted to get to the Love's - I have credits for enough free showers to last me a long time.  I got to the TA and my logging device showed I hast enough time to get to the Love's plus 5 minutes. Okay,that's kind of risky. If anything happens on the highway or it take any time at all to find a parking spot, I'm going over hours and then a bit of trouble comes my way.  

I got here - the Loves in Hamel, Illinois, with that 5 minute window.  Got stuck behind trucks sitting there waiting. I'm looking at that clock wind down, the trucks finally move, I get to a parking spot but now I have to wait for yet another truck to back into another space.  Ugh!  I finally get my turn and walaah - I had all of 2 minutes remaining on that clock. I got my paperwork done and headed straight for the store, got into a shower and stayed there for at least 30 minutes with it on extra hot.  Breathing in that steam really helps with coughing. It always has for me. 

After that, into the truck, out with the low carb dinner. That was cut up Romaine lettuce, a chicken breast and a slice of almond meal bread.  Not as bad as it sounds, the bread that is lol.  Low carbs is the key.  

Anyway, I really wanted to drive out my hours today because it was still so early in the day. When I ran out of hours - that's 11 hours of driving - it was 6:15.  That's so early.  I'll have to sit here until around 5 am, which is when I'l get up, get a cuppa free coffee, fill up the truck and get up to the plant.  Really very glad tho that I made it well out of Saint Louis and won't have to fool with that traffic in the morning.  

Anyway, fatigue is finally setting in.  17 hours later and getting that little amount of sleep, it should be lol. I'm actually hopeful that the plant will say no, we can't unload today, go get a hotel as they have told me at this particular place so many times before.  I need the money to make up for all that time off.  But, it won't be the end of my world either if it's unloaded tomorrow and I drive 600 miles back towards home and get the trip over with before noon on Wednesday.  I'm going to want to be sent right back out tho. Well I don't want to, lol, I just need to make up for lost time.  Plus I just shelled out 300 plus for round trip ticket to Phoenix, plus I'll have expenses there such as numerous Uber rides everywhere, taking some folks out to eat, stuff like that.  I may ditch the diet while I'm there and restart when I get back. It's kind of hard to follow this kind of diet when eating out. 

I don't think it will be near as hard to get back into Ketosis now that my body is starting to adjust to it as it did this first time.  It's really not my first choice to stop the diet, but I think it's going to be way too much trouble.  It's hard enough doing it in the truck on the road, but I am able to prepare meals in advance and stuff  the refrigerator in here full of it.  I have plenty of food in there to last me 4 days, not worried about that at all.  

There are, of course, temptations, such as walking into the truck stop and seeing all kinds of food and a fast food restaurant. I brushed it off and got out of there quickly after I was done with the shower. 

Well, I"m tired. Time to go to sleep. 

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