Thursday, November 1, 2018

Apparently my days of bulging out more and more are over. At least as long as I stay on this diet.  I kinda felt it was cheating to weigh myself in the morning - sleeping all night long,  no food or beverage intake - beverages definitely being the factor that increase your weight during the day.

But, this morning, I weighed myself and it was down another 4 pounds from the lowest I had seen it.  I then looked up "best time to weigh yourself" and every single thing I read said the most accurate will actually BE in the morning, after you empty your bladder and before you eat and drink anything. That was very concerting. It also said to be consistent and weigh yourself at the same time every day, if you are going to weigh yourself.

Further info said that people that weigh themselves frequently while dieting are more likely to lose the weight and keep on track than those that don't.  Well, I have to weigh myself out of the curiosity factor of eating lots of fat, almost zero carbs and lots of protein as well.  Some veggies - can't forget the veggies. 

In fact, today I'm going to use the other spaghetti squash that we have sitting there and going to waste and try making a pizza crust out of it.


It literally took me 3 minutes to vote.  I went in, showed my ID, they gave me the ballot, it had a place to mark straight line voting,  I filled in Republican, that was it.  All done, vote is in, I did my civic duty. I mean it was so easy that seeing these people complaining how hard it is to vote is -- dumb.  They don't vote because they are too lazy or whatever other reasons, I don't give such people any ear if they are complaining about the politics of the land but couldn't be bothered to vote to make that change they want.  Or at least voice their opinion through the ballot. 

Went to Kroger's, got the rest of the stuff to make this weird pizza, lol. I'll try any of these recipes once. If they're good, it's a repeat.  If not, well, just keep trying.  I also got the stuff to make the Keto version of beef stroganoff tonight for dinner. Nope, no noodles, sorry Charley.  But, my favorite part of Stroganoff is the creamy beef mixture, I'm good with that, make extra cause everyone is blooming hungry by the time dinner gets around. 

Now to motivate myself to go out to the kitchen and start the pizza stuff.  I'll get to it.  It's not even noon yet, tho I haven't eaten anything today and I'm starving.  I haven't eaten cause' I just haven't gotten around to it not because I don't want to eat lol.   I think I'll make a cheese omellette to tide me over.  Oh yes, a recipe with some cream cheese, some herbs and a little cheese.  Sounds great. 

It's very motivating to see a scale showing me at a weight that I haven't been at in over a year and a half.  Utterly amazing actually.  My gut is slowly shrinking and my size 35 waist jeans are now starting to get loose - and here I was 3 weeks ago discussing having to go up to size 36.  I'd like to get back down to 32, but 33 would work.

But, since i haven't eaten and I"m still sick, I have exhausted my energy banks and will have to take a nap. 

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