Saturday, November 3, 2018

Diet Day 20
Won't know today of any weight loss. It's the weekend and they're home, the scale is in their bathroom.  Next trip to Walmart I"m definitely getting one for my bathroom.  What I do notice is that my love handles are shrinking at an incredible rate.  Those ever growing bulges have reversed and are starting to disappear.  I am in now wise saying I am suddenly skinny, but progress, especially visible progress, is extremely motivating.


Okay long interval lol.  I ended up driving over to Longview to switch trucks.  I wasn't even going to think about dealing with that at 4:00 am. First and foremost, I have no idea if this truck even works. They were saying the battery switch had been turned off. Second, it would take time to get my stuff out of my truck and transfer it over to the temp truck. Third, inspecting the "new" truck and seeing if it's at least relatively clean, which it kind of was.  Bunch of stuff on the floor but nothing compressed air wouldn't blow out the doors. 

However, the truck wouldn't move when I put it into gear.  I tried releasing the brakes several times before it finally let go.  It had been sitting a while, the dude that switched over to our division hadn't even driven a single load of ethylene out of the plant.  I guess a "part time" person counting the days until he can retire, ie: hit whatever SS age he's shooting for.  Very much not a fan of getting moved around from one truck to another.   A lot of drivers don't like it, its called slip seating when you aren't in an assigned truck and can end up in a different truck every time you show up to work.

Whatever the case, I got that ordeal over with and talked with a much longer term driver in the company.  We got onto talk of the keto diet - he needs it drastically.  Besides the fact that he's probably around 350 to 400 pounds, he also has diabetes, which keto works miracles on.  At least from numerous articles I have read.  I would seriously try a diet like this if I had diabetes for the heck of it, just to see if it would do anything.  The only harm is going through the initial phases of hell you have to go through to get your body adapted.  That is self inflicted harm lol.  He asked what website, I just told him to google keto diet.  You'll find info all over the web.  Research it yourself, everything I"ve read says it can even reverse diabetes.

I basically tried to talk him into at least trying the diet.  He's got nothing to lose and everything to gain. He's obese, heading towards an early grave.  I didn't say that, we just all know obesity leads to all kinds of health problems and pretty much kills people younger than the life they could have lived.  I'm surprised he passes the med exam in that condition.  He's diabetic that a detriment in itself.  He was interested.  He's 65 years old, doesn't drink at least, helpful but certainly doesn't eliminate the risks of being obese. 

Well anyway, I left there and headed home.  Got to a grocery store and decided to buy a roast for the road tomorrow.  I'm doing that in the crock pot.

I've got tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms in the crockpot with the roast and a bag of salad mix, including very low carb italian seasoning.  I've still got some bread left from the last batch, that is a pretty good filler actually, not the greatest bread but it's edible.  Take some cheese bars and almonds.  That pretty much covers dinners and snacks, I need to figure something out for a quick breakfast and a small lunch. Hmm just found some great ideas on a keto page, but I'd have to go back to the store.  I rushed in and out of the grocery store earlier to get that roast and get it cooking so I could have it ready to go for the morning.  Bacon, cheese blocks, turkey roll up - in either cream cheese or sour cream,  almonds, I think I could open up a roll of ground chuck and make some hamburgers replete with spices - and nothing else.  Lol. 

Nothing else new here. Leaves dropping like crazy off of trees, no sense in even trying to clean up that mess until the trees are mostly barren. Otherwise, you're raking up an entire yard ... only to rake it up again...and again....and screw that. Oh yes, I have my breakfast lunch and dinners planned, but yes, a trip back to the store is unfortunately necessary. I thought one trip out would be enough. 

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...