Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Okay, I'm ready to go home. I"ve been here since Sunday, it's now Wednesday morning. I'm at another company paid hotel but I'm about to leave here. There is never any good reason to show up at that yard too early, they never have a trailer coming in before 10:00 am.  The dogs are out of food at the other house, I had to ask my friends to please take a bagful from my room over there to tide them over.  Adler is not a light eater. The dog is pure muscle and his eating habits reflect that. 

I'm not tired of making money for doing nothing, but at some point, it gets into my head that it's time to get out of here.  I'll have 48 hours of detention pay and that is plenty, plus the detention play at the plant plus 2 hours worth of breakdown pay - which pays the same as detention pay per hour. 

That's plenty.  I want to get home and start getting ready to go to Phoenix.  I'll have several stops to make while there as I have contacted friends and family in advance and have at least 3 days planned out. Probably all of them will be consumed, in reality, but the 3 are definitive dates.  I'll have the freedom of having a vehicle to travel around old stomping grounds. I'd almost like to run  up to the mountains, but I think that's probably not in the cards. 

I could stay here another day without it affecting my plans or my next paycheck. As long as I get it turned in by Thursday, this pile of cash goes to next paycheck.  I want that money for this trip.  I don't need the money, I just want it in my checking account and having the peace of mind of extra cash just in case.  I'm likely going to take the people that run my house over there out on a bit of a shopping spree.  They have done very well with that place and have taken care of it very nicely.  I  have given them free rent months several times this year - tho that by their request.

She has had a surgery and couldn't work for a couple of months. 

The closer I get to the date to leave, the more it's getting into my brain that maybe I shouldn't abandon this diet.  We are going off of it after 12 weeks, I really think I"m going to want to continue with it.  Thanksgiving is turkey, I can eat all the turkey I want.  No potatoes, breads of my mom's famous coleslaw but everything else.  Ok, even if I continue with this? I'm going to have a small pile of her coleslaw!

Well, I'm leaving the hotel, I'm hoping to be heading home today.

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