Saturday, November 17, 2018

So now my credit score research took me to very disappointing results.  The negative effects of having late payments can and probably will stay on your credit report for 7 years. I don't know where I read 3 years, that's what my first thought about it was after reading it somewhere, but now?  Nahhh.  That's not it at all.  I can't be waiting years to do the things that I need to do.  I'm very close to good range on one of the reporting agencies, not so much on another. 

I dunno, but I can't wait years to do what I want to do.  What caught my attention the other day was all of these properties that are going to be auctioned off by the Sheriff next month at public auction. No reserve, highest bidder wins.  Lots of properties listed, 2 of which were interesting at 21 and 25 acres respectively. But who shows up to these auctions? Probably people with a lot more money than me.  But what's the worse that can happen? I'm out bid or never bid in the first place, who knows, but call it a learning experience and try again the next time. 

Right now, I'm perplexed at the listings themselves.  They have a lot of code in it I don't understand or recognize and there is no real description of these properties excepting for lot size.  No addresses either, just rather vague descriptions of the properties being sold.  I guess I'l have to visit the county courthouse and inquire about how to find out about each individual property that is for sale.  I think there is some sort of book they have that you can look at to find out detailed information. 

It's something I will be devoting some time to until I find out whether it's anything worth doing or if there are too many strings attached, or perhaps properties that have to have something done to them to bring them up to city or county codes.  People don't just give away their properties for no reason  However, some of them say the county v unknown heirs - of a person's name.  In other words,, someone died and their property was never claimed I am assuming.  That's weird. There's a bunch of them listed like that in there. Who knows what kind of treasure trove of a property might be lurking in that list.  Very unknown territory for me.

Credit score woes will drive me to find other means of accomplishing my goals.  I'm so close on my experian score, tho, to the good range.  Just 11 more points.  And more than half of those credit cards haven't reported the zero balance yet. Will it be enough to push my score up? Or will those late mortgage payments from the past continue to haunt me?  Who knows.  I should find out next by next month, I would think, these cards will report it sooner or later and then your credit score is affected by the next update. 

Thoughts that have been filling my mind.  Meanwhile, continue to save save save in a savings account and just keep pushing forward.

Except for today. It's past 10 pm and I'm getting sleepy.  I have plenty to do tomorrow but I'll have as much time as I need to get it done.
I made it almost 600 miles yesterday which is pretty good considering the route.  It's laden with small towns and slow speed limits.  Especially on the Texas side.  Got up to the plant, dropped and hooked and got straight out of there.  Had an agenda for today and I needed to be home early enough to get it done.  Cleaning being the big factor, laundry, pack my bag and get ready to go. They're having company over for the week so I offered my room since I'm going to be gone, but I definitely wanted to get it cleaned up in here.

So my agenda is maybe half way done.  I've been going at it since before I got home.  Walmart and other stores, dogs out of food.  And a stop at Waffle House.

I'm still on the diet.  I've been finding ways to stay on it even tho I ran out of food.  You can pretty much order meat anywhere.  Stay away from potatoes and breads and fruits.  Waffle House was a slab of ham, 3 slices of bacon and 2 eggs over easy.  Delicious.  I was lusting after the hash browns being cooked in front of me tho lol.  I'm sure I've lost more weight.  The scale showed 214 earlier and that's mid way through the day.  Before today, at this time of day I would be up as high as 221.  I figure my weight this morning was 207 or possibly even 206 since I was at 208 several days ago.

Not to mention I had to pull the belt another notch tighter starting yesterday.

 It's making me rethink my plants of quitting for Thanksgiving lol, but I doubt I will be able to help myself. Potatoes are my weakness.  When I see them I'm like, ugh.

Okay.  Well this is a real vacation coming up hopefully.  Unlike the 10 days off wondering when I was going back to work. I am becoming much more well-adjusted to being out on the road.  It's like, no biggies - until the last day when I know I'm going to be home.  I was missing my doggies greatly at first, but now, I miss them yes but nothing like it was.  I was a true home-body and just sticking around the house was my thing.

One thing I'm telling my manager is do not stick me back in that other truck I just got out of today.  It's a smoker's truck and I despise that smell. Smells like a giant freaking ashtray. The smell gets into the AC/heat ductwork and it never comes out.  I've sprayed and sprayed into the intake.  It's against company policy to smoke in the trucks but lots of driver do it anyway.  Heck, it's against Federal rules to smoke in the cab of a tractor pulling a hazmat load, but don't tell that to smokers lol.  You aren't allowed to smoke within 25 feet of it and yes, the rules specifically state you aren't allowed to. But whatever. I'm not a tattle tale I just don't want to be subjected to that and I don't see any reason why I should hold my tongue on that particular issue.

I'm giving up on a 65" big screen TV on black friday. I'll be in Phoenix, I can't find anyone that will go to the Walmart here and get one for me.  No one likes black Friday, they don't like being subjected to all of the masses caving in on each other. I get it, but that has never really stopped me.  Last year I showed up 20 minutes after the mob.  There was nothing so important I wanted that I needed to be involved with all of that.  I thought about buying one in Phoenix and shipping it, but I"m afraid it would get destroyed during shipping and shipping something that large would cost a small fortune. 

The only thing I can hope for is that cyber Monday will have some good deals.  I don't have to have this, it's just something I want. Looks like Cyber Monday will have some good deals on 55 inch tv's. Perhaps I'll switch gears and get myself a nice laptop instead.  I could potentially go in Phoenix to get one of those if there's something that is instore pickup only.  My son used to love going on these adventures, perhaps I can motivate him and his wife to go on another one lol.

Ok, I'm 2/3rd's done. I'm shooting to leave for Dallas around 3pm.  It's a 2 hour trip, probably less the way I drive but 2 hours is safe bet to say, especially on a Sunday and less traffic.  Get a good night's sleep, leave my vehicle at the hotel, take a shuttle to the airport, get there early so I have time to deal with any problems, relax after I get past security and start my vacation.  Instead of being up all night on red eyes, I will be getting up a bit early, yes, but no 1 am flight times. 

And with that, I must get on with the day. 

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...