Sunday, November 18, 2018

And just like that, overnight, my credit score jumped to good range for Equifax, all the way up to 2 points shy of very good range.  And, just the same, Transunion only went up 5 points.  Why? I have no idea.  I've looked at both full credit reports, they both have the same info on them, including the late mortgage payments. The last of which was 2 years ago.  So 5 years to go? lol.

I'm going to dispute them anyway.  They're saying over 90 days late which is false and from what I read has a very bad effect on your score after they go 90 days.  The most I went was 60 days.  After 3 months, they can foreclose on you and you are toast, out of your house, etc.  I think I can get that adjusted to 60 days at least.  And then, I've read you can at least try to ask them to do some sort of "forgiveness" thing and it helps if you do automatic payments.  I'm going to try the things that don't cost money at least.  Well I'll have to pay for Transunion real credit report so I can get that 10 digit code to make a dispute.  We're talking 20 bucks.  Writing a letter? Time spent and a stamp.

So what's the end story here for right now? If I want a land loan, go to a bank that used Equifaz and doesn't look at Transunion at all.  It's not impossible to find places that use one over another.  I don't even know what my Experian score is, they only show the Transunion and Equifax on CreditKarma.

But, with a very good score, I can go ahead and apply for a new loan on the SUV - but I'll wait until one of the hard inquiries falls off.  That's sometime next year.  With a Good score I should be able to get my interest rate cut in half and the payment down at least $100 per month.  Same with the loan I took out to pay off the credit cards.  But I don't want to do 2 loans at the same time, that will kill whatever gains I may have made.

Anyway, the Equifax score was just short of shocking.  I was looking through email this morning and saw a "credit score change" notice.  I was hoping Transunion would go up substantially as well.  It only went up 5 points.  Credit and credit scores are rather complex things.  I've spent a lot of time reading a lot of material and trying different things.  Paying down credit card debt was the single thing that I have done that actually made a huge difference. I had hoped it would.

Well, it's Sunday. Leaving for the airport in maybe 6 to 8 hours depending on how long it takes to finish everything. I'm really cleaning my room up nice for these people.  I kinda of let it go after being on the road for a while.  And I'm finding a different hotel for today. The one I was going to has some really bad reviews.  I didn't give them a credit card to reserve it, I'm not going to bother calling them.  I'll just find something a with a bit better rating as I don't want to stay in a room with sticky carpet, "weird smells" and other things that this one I was going to go was listed at.

Or I could just change the whole plan and just get up early like I'm getting up for the first load at work and drive there, park at a cheap parking thing and be done with it.  HECK NO.  I know how I feel all day long after getting up at 3:00 am. No thanks.  I'd rather stay at that "bad" hotel than do that.


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