Thursday, November 22, 2018

Well it's Thanksgivging Day, and yes, the middle brother texted mother a few minutes ago about when to come.

Mother told him and then sent out a text message to all 3: please bring company manners. 

So she started this off on the wrong foot already and I'm already starting to get irritated and question myself why I even bothered to come down here. 

She thinks in  her mind she can magically create some illusion of peace among us. Therefore, she gets cranky about forcing the issue, which in turn makes everyone else irritable because she should have just left it alone and let the chips fall where they may.

She also believes she can control anyone that starts shit, which is also a fairytale.  I brought a bottle of wine for this possibility.  If I'm going to have to put up with this nonsense, I'm going to create my own fairytale mindset and have a couple of nice, solid glasses of wine to "deal" with it. 

If my brother goes off on me, I'm fairy much going to try to simply ignore him and act as if he isn't there.  But he knows me and what pushes my buttons and conversely, I know him and what sets him off.  If it starts up, all I can say is I won't stick around for it. There are places I can go and people I can visit. 

Yes, I know, a lot of negativity on TDay but mom got it rolling with all of us.  And I know how my middle brother and I know how many holidays he has ruined with his foul attitude and he threatened me with bodily harm last time he spoke to me via family wide text messaging.

Mother is not going to like me pulling out that bottle of wine, but the choices are limited.  My oldest brother will bring a cooler full of beer anyway, that's his coping mechanism with this crap.  He won't stick around, either, if hell breaks loose.  He'll literally get up, grab his stuff, tell his wife they're leaving and that will be that.  I would probably call myself an Uber and get the hell out of here as well.  There is a dear friend I would really like to visit today in exchange for family garbage. 


Payday came early cause of the holiday.  My paycheck was quite healthy, as I expected.  I had somewhere around 60 hours of detention pay on the paycheck and that alone was worth some dough, plus the two trips, plus other pay that is thrown in. This is why I welcomed sitting around in Brownsville for 3 days, without that this paycheck would have been much less and rather pathetic. 

Oh, well I am going out with my son tonight.  We're going to Walmart here for Black Friday.  I doubt the stuff he wants is on that sale, but it's fine by me.  He'll have to come get me tho, or maybe I"ll just take an Uber over to him. If I've had a few glasses of wine I won't want to drive anywhere.  Mother won't want me driving her vehicle anyway, which is fine  It's only $15 there, maybe more coming back I dunno if it will even be available tonight, but I looked it up just now and it's available at the moment at that price.    Just depends if anyone wants to make money on a holiday. 

Well that's it for now. Going to get my Jalapeno poppers prepared and ready to put into the oven. 

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