Monday, November 26, 2018

Diet day whatever, lol, 7th week I think.
Up half a pound today.
But just went back into full ketosis so hopefully that will go back down.
And just eat less.
I'm making jalapeno poppers again today and those are quite keto friendly, full of fat, exactly what the keto doctor ordered.
I figure to  get some exercise in today as well.

Anyway, I was looking to just go ahead and pull the cord on getting the 55 inch Walmart TV that is also a smart tv, until I saw that it's refresh rate is 60 mg. I'm not sure about that considering other tv's have much higher refresh rates - with a higher price tag. They had a 2160 for the same price but not a smart tv.

Do I need a smart tv?  I dunno, just seems that if you are going to buy a new tv in this modern era, you should have all the options available in case you need them.  Like if we do decide to get rid of Direct TV, Smart TV's play all those apps available for movies and such.

Meanwhile, today.  I'm assuming I'm not working tomorrow cause' I haven't heard anything but that could change.  Assumptions aside I'll be doing laundry and I want to plant the bulbs I bought over a week ago. Never got around to that.  Daffodils and something else I don't remember.  Other stuff I need to get done around here tho things that can wait.

Yesterday was definitely a recovery day but I kind of feel like I could get some things done today if necessary beyond what's listed above.


The 65 inch TV I wanted showed up on Walmart to be picked up at the Walmart in town here. So I ordered it and walaah - it came back with "your order has been delayed".  Well, if  they don't confirm it by tomorrow I'll call them and cancel it.  It's really all I wanted and it was the best price for a TV like that that's going to come along any time soon.  I mean, I wanted a laptop too, but I've found I can deal with this notepad I have, it's just the screen is a bit small for my tastes.  But I don't use it that often, just at hotels and sometimes in the truck.  Not necessarily anything worth spending another 5 or 6 hundred on.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...