Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Rather ... interesting... day.
My credit cards were denied 3 times starting last night for that TV I wanted.
3...times...2 different card I got an email saying I can go ahead and try again.

Calling Walmart? Might as well ask a fish for directions.  Talk to a telephone pole. Ask the moon if it's alive.  Unbelievable. Not the local Walmart, the 800 please fix this number.  They never did.  I ended up driving up there and just getting one.  I didn't think they'd have any to be honest, I was amazed to find any of them left in stock.

Anyway, it's now Tuesday, I started that post yesterday.
Today's offerings should be work, but she said the loads canceled and no, they haven't taken the truck in to get it fixed.
It's been sitting there what, almost a month now?  If I'd known they weren't going to fix it, I would have taken it in myself, taken an Uber back and charged the company for the trip.  Now, I am faced driving the thing again with the same problems.  My decision will likely to be to find a Peterbilt dealership on the way back from whatever trip I may be on next, tell my manager I'm stopping there and please get me a hotel, thanks.

What else am I supposed to do? I"ve been complaining about this for 8 months now, same problem, never gets fixed, bs.  I'm "assuming" I'm going to work tomorrow, but it's too late.  I'll only have one short run on next paycheck, which might get me a $500 check and then subtract deductions from that.  I have no choice but to use some of the freshly dumped vacation hours up to have at least a small paycheck.

Anyway, I have decided to wait until after the 1st of January to make any decisions about this company and my continued involvement there. If I am going to continue, I want my own truck.  For all the hassle people say it is to own your own truck, they aren't going to deny they make FAR more money after taxes, expenses all of it. Plus, our mechanic will fix anything that he is capable of doing, which is most of it sans electrical/electronic problems. He can't do that because they don't have the very expensive computer system that figures all of that nonsense out.

He likely could have fixed it himself if they had one.  Regardless, I'm in this for the money. It just depends on their terms as to whether I will make the switch or not.  I don't think they offer health care coverage to owner operators, so that's a definite negative.  But as long as the money is really good, covering that would be no problem.  I'm going off of 2 owner operators that have been at the company a while stating they make around  100k per year take home.  That's after everything.

I do NOT want the truck I'm driving now tho.  Something with at most 300k range on it.  Get at least as long out of the truck as the payment schedule goes on for.  There are dealers in this region selling trucks as well.  No clue what it would take to get into one.

And my diet. I've stayed on it.  I failed a teensy bit during Thanksgiving but I was rather proud of myself for sticking on it as well as I did. I tested this morning full Ketosis. Well, as full as I ever was before Thanksgiving. I've never actually gotten into the deep deep purple range, but I didn't care either since the weight was dropping off.

And, I lost another pound and a half.  Weight loss has seemingly returned after a plateau.  I suspect the plateaus will become frequent visitors, that's pretty much how this stuff works in the dieting world.  I need a little over 5 more pounds to get down to the 190's range.  I'm very excited about the potential of actually not being in the 200's range.  It motivates me to push on with this considering I'm so close now..

Meanwhile, Walmart.  They rejected my attempts to buy the TV online 4 times in a row.  So I went down there, asked if they had any of the particular TV, of which they said yes.  Okay, get me one!  But now? They are still trying to charge me for the TV, saying I already picked it up! lmao, so they are going to charge me twice for the same tv lol.

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