Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday morning.
Took the truck in and gave them a list.  Why not have it all fixed if possible.
The warning lights, the cruise control, the billows of smoke that come out of the hood when regen starts, air leaks.  I really want to drag this thing out, actually.  I miss home but I'll love the paycheck 3 Fridays from now. Well they're switching over to weekly pay but I'm not sure when.  So that was quick and easy, they also pointed at 11 other trucks that are in there that have to look at.  I said fine, but I called on Friday, just to be sure.  Yup, it was in there. Okay!  Have a great day! lmao, c'ya later!!

I'm wanting some eggs, bacon and ham. I've been eating all the stuff I bought at Walmart but a hot meal is in order.  Nothing to fancy or expensive.  There is a cracker barrel a half a mile from here, a nice walk in cool weather.  Keto friendly stuff there, just eggs and a slice of ham likely tho.

I'm not sure if I"ll do anything today or not besides walking up for a bite to eat.  I have my doubts they're going to call me and magically tell me the truck is fixed - at all - today. It wouldn't shock me tho if they called and said they can't find out what's the problem, so sorry sob.  I've heard that too many times now.  We no no what wrong, we no do nothing.  You SOL, tank U.  But, there is a bowling alley 2-1/2 miles away, I already saw a movie yesterday and the one I saw was the only one on the list that held any interest for me.  There's a shopping mall but that's a good way to blow a bunch of money, don't need to be doing that right now.

I would go swimming - have my trunks with me - but for whatever reason the pool is closed. It might not be heated, if that were the case then I wouldn't want to go swimming anyway.


So I walked up to Cracker barrel. Not even a mile away.  I like their coffee and they have offerings for breakfast that work for the diet, just no hash browns, biscuits, gravy, fruits, etc.   This guy brings me my coffee, then my breakfast and then? disappears. My coffee gone, I wanted another cup.  After 5 minutes of waiting - this was a nearly empty restaurant btw, even the waitresses were complaining between themselves how slow it was - I asked another waitress to please get me another cup.  She did and this dude still didn't show up.  I drank that cup and wanted one more before leaving.  He comes out with a coffee pot, fills up 2 tables across from me and completely ignores me!  Note, I didn't say anything foul, negative or otherwise disrespectful to this man at all. 

After he did that, I had had enough.  I got up, walked out to the registers, commented on the service to the person behind the counter. Instead of getting me a manager or doing anything about it, she just referred me to the receipt she was going to give me and said to "fill out the survey". Unbelievable.

Whatever. At least the food was good. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of the day, except wait. The wind is howling outside and the temp has dropped quite a bit.  Not really "let's go out and walk around" type of weather like the last 2 days.  I have stuff to do online now that I think of it, things I want to check out - just my interest in business prospects - and make sure any credit cards didn't dump something on there that I don't know about that needs to be paid or addressesd.

With that, I'm offa here.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...