Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I'm going stir crazy.  Just here alone, in a motel room, getting cold outside, not much to do.  I could get an uber and go somewhere I guess, maybe even see a movie.  But I'm not going to.  The thing that motivates me right now is the pay.  I verified with my manager about the plant being shut down, but she said "only half a day".  So I guess that means that some trucks at least are getting filled and sent out.

Day 5 in Lufkin.
I have no idea whether they will have the truck done today ornot, but what is going to happen is my hotel stay ends today. At noon.  It's 8 something am.  So around 10 I'm going to call the shop and see if they think it's going to be done today - or not.  I do not want to pack everything up, go to the shop, wait and then find out I need another night in a hotel.  They should be able to give me a definitive word whether they will have it done or at least a ball park  - yes maybe or probably not.

I'm ready to go home.  Just my mindset as of waking up a while ago, let's get this trip over with. The other mindset is, gee, look at the money you're making sitting around doing nothing. The laundry situation says, gee, you just used your last pair of clean socks.  This was supposed to be a 2 day trip, I planned for at least 6 for "just in case". And, this hotel doesn't have a washer and dryer, the nearest laundromat is 2 and a half miles away, that's pretty lame. Even cheap hotels usually have a washer and dryer at them. This is LaQuinta, a "mid range" hotel brand, tho this is the bottom of the mid range barrel as far as I'm concerned.  I actually asked for this place because it was one of few that looked like it actually had room for a truck.

Yes, there is parking space, but no, getting out of here with a trailer attached is not any truck driver's idea of fun.  Once you pull in, too late! If I ever get stuck in this town again, it's likely that I'm not recommending this hotel.  There is another one up the road - looks like a lower end place - but it's surrounded by restaurants and Walmart is next door.

Meanwhile, it's being reported that Addler is getting grumpy and cranky.  He gets that way when I'm gone too longAfter t3 days he's running to the window looking to see if I'm there, after 4 days he gets cranky, today? It will get worse lol. He spends as much time over there at the other house as he does here, but he's definitely my dog.  He knows that and even tho he likes Rene, it's just not the same. 

And finally, the diet. I've done my best to stay on it while out here.  I think I've succeeded but I haven't been near a scale in 6 days, so I have no clue.  One day I might have gone over on carbs, but I don't think enough to kick me out of ketosis.  I can't  check that because I forgot and left the strips in the truck. I'm having one hot meal a day at least the rest I'm eating out of the refrigerator.  I have no idea whether I'm staying or leaving here today, hence I haven't done the hot meal yet.  In about 30 minutes I'm going to hopefully find out some kind of diagnosis. I called them a little earlier and they just told me to call when it's near checkout time, as they were "doing the diagnostics now", meaning what, they did nothing yesterday?  If I'm staying, I'm getting out of this hotel. End of story on that, spend several hours walking around, going to the mall, whatever, I don't care but I won't spend the entire day in here. 

If I'm leaving, it's about an hour and 40 minutes to the yard. So it doesn't matter what time today I would leave, I'd be home tonight.  I just get really antsy once a deadline approaches and I need an answer.  That would be checkout time at noon here.  They are apparently sticklers for that at this hotel from the way they were talking when I asked yesterday.  Some hotels will give you a few grace hours if you need them. 

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