Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Watching the funeral of Bush. They're finally to the eulogies.  Quite the grand ceremony, the whole thing.  I actually saw Trump reach a hand to Obama in a friendly gesture.  One wonders what was going on in either man's head considering the heated exchanges the two have had through tweets and the media. The media believes that "could" be the start of an era of healing and bipartisanship and all of that.  Not.  Not happening.  The Trump hate is entrenched. Trump despisers see nothing good in him or what he does.  The ridiculous name calling goes on and on. 

Whatever the case, day 6 in Lufkin and hopefully the final day here. Fixing to call the shop in a few and see if they got the part and if we're still on for today.  Cause' I really, reallllllly want to go home now.  I've been out for 6 days, that's long enough.  I'll make somewhere around $3,600 on this trip - for the miles driven and for the wait here in Lufkin.  I mean, if that part doesn't come in today? I'll have no choice.  Oh heck with it, I'm calling them now.  

They haven't received the part yet.  Gag. FedEx express delivery shows up by 10:00 am I think. It's 11 am now.  I don't even know what to do now.  Ask for another day of hotel?  Take all my stuff and wait somewhere?  I mean, I have too much stuff to just walk around with it tho.  A large bag for clothing and such, a smaller bag for toiletries, a computer bag plus the food I bought.  The  food is half gone at least.  

The problem, of course, is the hotel.  I have to either leave here at noon or have the company get me another day.  That's really up to them, as I just notified my manager what's going on and that there is no guarantee the truck is going to be done, but it's possible it will. Lol.


Well, giving well advance notice of the dilemma, my manager put it off.  Undoubtedly busy, so the hotel gave me extension til 1 pm.  And more communication with manager who called the repair shop who told her they are having the part tracked down.  Wherever it is, it isn't at the shop.  I would ask them to just let me drive it home - it's just a seal and a very minor leak.  But, our mechanic says he doesn't have the proper tools to be able to install the seal. Here's my problem: I'm stuck outside with all my stuff.  I can't go get my nice hot meal lugging around all this junk unless I get an Uber, it's far too heavy to carry over a mile and I"m just not going to do that. 

I carry all kinds of stuff with me. Between my duffle bag, computer bag and toiletries bag I"m probably lugging at least 40 pounds around.  Im out of clean clothes as well. I had enough to last through today.  This isn't that big of a deal really, I just wanted to go home today and that is looking very much like that's not going to happen.  The repair shop should just order another seal in case the one they did order is never found.  That kind of thing happens, I can testify to that. That way, the seal will definitely be here tomorrow - well hopefully it would anyway - and then they can finish this and I can go home. 

Haha, nope sorry BB boy you aren't going home today  My manager just texted me: part won't be here til tomorrow. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I just did the math, that's another $720 worth of pay.  I'll just have to go find something to do today now that she's getting my room back. I'll be up to 2 weeks worth of normal driving pay at this rate.  She could just put me on the backburner when I get back and not send me out at all considering work is slow. I'll have made my money, let some other driver get their share.

Okay, bowling today?  Or just walk and get some fresh air.  The temps are down but it's very nice outside.  Go get a steak at Logan's roadhouse?  Take in another movie? I dunno, I'll figure it out. It will be a while before my company gets authorization to get me back into a room here.  Oh yes, and my gut! It's visibly decreased since I came into this hotel.  I'm definitely still losing weight - or fat anyway. I wish I could find a scale somewhere!

Well enough of this. I figure the desk clerk will let me back in now.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...