Monday, December 10, 2018

Why do some people make shopping for Christmas for them so difficult?
Ask them what they want and they give you a general category with literally thousands of possibilites that span the spectrum of likes - and dislikes.

So you see, I'm not doing the gift card junk.  If this person doesn't like what I get them, they should have just told me what they wanted in the first place. Give me a list of 3 or more of them so whatever I get, it's a sort of surprise.

Don't worry, I'll tell her, I have the receipt.  Which I will.  I'd hope that I could make a lucky guess, but I'd rather a person take something back and get what they want.  Well, I'd rather they specify what they want.

Car is hopefully sold tomorrow.  A couple of people want to get it for the full price. I told them flat out that if they come over here and offer me less, they can turn around and go home.  One of them sent me a pic of hundred dollar bills.

Lol. I could send him a pic back of lots of hundred dollar bills.


Sunday night. Car sold.  2 people flaked. One of them showed up wanting the car, but no money? How does that work? He said he would buy it Thursday and would I still have it? Umm, I hope not, is the exact words that came out of my mouth. See, I didn't promise him any such thing and he came off as having cash in hand.

The first person - the person I thought really wanted the car - said he was coming up from Lufkin.  I mean, like we already had that part of it down.  Then, when it came time for him to come up here, he cajoled and hawed and hemmed. I'll be leaving "in a minute". I let this go on for hours, actually. Until I asked him if he was actually coming, cause' I want to get rid of this thing today. I have no "love" for this car.

I got 10 years of use out of it, it still runs - quite well actually - It has problems, but running down the road isn't one of them.  I sold it cheap, $700. I put up an ad after these 2 flaked on me-  people that have been asking about it for a week, and then?  I've gotten 100 replies on the ad at least.  50% of them trying to offer me $400 for it? No thanks.  Just no.  I'll donate it before I do that.

Anyway the first person kept putting me off which is when I cut him off. Okay, well I'm moving on to the next person.  Oh well I"m already headed your way!  How many times have I heard that from people on these ads in my life? He wasn't headed anywhere. I ended up having to block him on Facebook - where I had that particular ad and on FB Messenger.  The third person.  I'm coming down to look at it.  Okay. He was 17 miles away, north of my town.  And yes, he showed up.  I let him take the car for a drive.  He was gone a while.

He had all kinds of questions, looked the thing totally over, asked more questions. I didn't blame him, but at the same time? He drove it, he knew this car is in very good shape for the price. He tried to talk me down price, no thanks I said. I can donate this to a charity and get a better tax write off than selling it to anyone.  So he took it.

He doesn't actually have a driver's license lol. But that isn't my problem.
I'm canceling insurance on that car today - it's now Monday morning, I think I started this post 2 days ago lol - and then when I get back from this Brownsville run, take the paperwork in that absolves me of any liability if the man crashes the car or whatever might happen.  I have his signature on the paperwork as it stands. 

I got up early this morning - only because someone was making a lot of noise in the house and woke me up.  So, finish the deal, get up, get some coffee, etc etc etc, have some time to sit around and collect my thoughts.  I would have rather slept, but being awakened like that? I wasn't going back to sleep. 

I haven't done any serious driving in what, 12 days? Lol. 

Anyway, the money from the sale of the car will go towards fixing the problems left in the Jeep.  Namely a lug nut that won't come off even after heating it up so we could replace the brakes in it and it needs a new battery.  It also needs the AC compressor replaced but that isn't a priority right now.  I just want it running.  I may get rid of it as well. I haven't decided on that yet.  I just didn't have a need for 3 vehicles and that was time to get rid of it. Almost 11 years of that thing and I was sick of seeing it.  I think I may keep the Jeep as a back up vehicle and who knows, if I ever get into dire financial straits - hopefully not - but if that ever happened and lost the SUV I'd have a vehicle that I own outright. 

Well, it's time to get my stuff together and hit the road.

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