Thursday, December 13, 2018

I like rain, but I don't like this much of it.  Seems like everytime I'm home, it's raining.  Today was no exception.  Can't rake the yard, which was a goal to at least get started going today.  I am not going to replace the battery in the Jeep - and get soaking wet. It's sitting out in the street I just want to be able to move it and use it.  But no thanks.

Instead, I took Addler to the vet to get rabies shot and other stuff done.  Another nice $300 bill.  I try to stay away from the vet as much as possible because that is always the outcome.  But his tag needed renewed and heart worm injection and examination.  And his claws.  He's running in the dirt all the time, it does nothing to keep his claws short and trim.  But watching them do it, I am sure I can do it from now on, just didn't want to get a bleeding gusher going by cutting too short. 

After that was a burn permit - $25 to burn leaves in your own yard? Pretty outrageous.  The only other option is to fill up 50 giant leaf bags and that is a pain in the rear.  Ridiculous tho.  Shouldn't have to pay for any permit but if you do, $25 is outrageous. 

After that off to the courthouse, wanted to turn in paperwork that absolves you of responsibility if the person that buys your car commits a crime with it or gets into an at fault accident.  Turns out I was supposed to do that online, which I just got finished with.  The guy that bought the thing doesn't even have a driver's license.  That's not my problem, just covering my bases. 

Oh, and hanging Christmas lights.  Haven't done that yet.  It's wet and I'm hoping it will stop raining so I don't have to get wet in order to do so. 

Actually I have a much longer list of stuff still needing to get done, I've had enough for a while. Been moving since 7am and it's now 1:30.  I have no idea whether I'm going out again tomorrow or this weekend, but I'm assuming I will.  Just more cleaning projects tho.

I"m hoping for another Brownsville run or something that doesn't - normally - take more than 2 days, but I'll take whatever . This pay period is done.  I should have a huge check coming next week.  My manager didn't apply the vacation hours I had asked her to, which explains why last paycheck was quite pathetic.  The company gave me a  $400 bonus for what I don't know, no explanation given. I mean, it's nice lol not complaining I didn't think I would be getting any more bonuses after all of this nonsense going on switching to a different company. 

I did find out that some drivers had been sent out to various places around the country to do other work because of the slow down.  My manager said that work is picking up, which is good news.  Anyone, I'm done with this, got more stuff to do.

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