Friday, December 14, 2018

The spectacle of the Hondurans in the caravan grows in it's absurdity by the day.  Now they are demanding, via the US embassy in Tijuana, for 50k a piece and then they'll go home.  So this is the kind of people we want in the US? More entitlement, put your hands out and let us fill them with cash for doing what, nothing?  Further, these people aren't going to help  our economy in any imagineable way.  They are poor and uneducated.  What contribution are they going to be able to make to an increasingly tech oriented society? Are we going to pay them to go to school, too? 

I feel for the poor and needy, trust me I help them a lot currently, out of my own pocket, not through government entitlement programs. Well I help fund those too through my paychecks.  But there are literally billions of poor and needy in this world, we can't take them all in.  Note how the Venezualans, who are in far worse dire straits than these Hondurans, aren't joining these caravans?  It's been suggested and proven that these caravans have been bought and paid for, these aren't just people wanting some sort of better way of life, this whole thing has been funded by Soros type people and organizations.

I'm beyond sick and tired of identity politcs and virtue signaling from the left. 


Let's see, it's Friday.  Got 2 texts this morning that the pump is down at the plant.  Meaning, no one is getting loaded.  I'm certainly glad I'm not in the queue to get loaded today.  Although, with that info, I wouldn't even go to the plant. Just wait at home for some word that it's up and running and then head to work.  The truck is not fixed and the mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Oh there's something wrong with it alright, lol, that extreme vibration isn't just in my head.  That whole truck shakes. But I don't care. I informed them of the problem, they can send the truck out, something is going to break, hopefully out of town, sit in a hotel and get breakdown pay again.  Mechanic said he checked the Ujoints - but I don't know how he checked them.  Ujoints can look fine from the outside and still be dried out and falling apart on the inside. 

I dunno, but the plant pump not working could screw up the entire weekend.  Depends on how long it takes them to get it up and going again.  This is what happens when they start replacing parts in the system as they did last week. 

Well I'll just see what happens with that.  It's raining on and off again. Which sucks. 

Well, now I'm babysitting a sick boy.  Taylor called - the preschool called her.  Fever and not feeling good.  Fortunately that boy is easy to babysit when he's sick. He comes home and sleeps.  Which is what he is doing right now.  Meanwhile, I have dinner going in the crockpot, laundry - 2 loads and on the third - cleaning my room and fixing to go out to the front porch and tackle that project.  It isn't just stringing lights, there is a large volume of "stuff" out there that is making the front of the property look trashy to say the least.

In the meantime, I spent an hour on the phone with Farmers - this deal of trying to get my house insured has turned into a real chore. The bank has it's version of insurance on it and it stinks to put it mildly.  Farmers seem sure they can get this done and it's a little less than half of what the bank is charging me. Note that the bank is only covering the house.  Not the property, not any personal property inside the house.  No liability if someone gets hurt, etc.  So for $1,700 a year I think or is it 6 months? I think a year, I get very little coverage.  I'm expecting Farmers to call back tomorrow with a quote. 

My travel desires are not forgotten either. My good buddy Fin giving me some very helpful advice since he has spent much time traveling all over the world.  I will eventually decide what I want to do next and - probably in 3 or so months, maybe even March - and then do it!

Diet? still on it.  No weight loss but fat loss definitely.  I don't know how that works.  You lose fat but weight remains the same? I remain confident that i will eventually lose all the weight I want to lose.  It doesn't have to happen in three months, it took years for me to get as fat and heavy as I was, tho admittedly the last year at this job it went up very quickly. 

That's it, for now.

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