Saturday, December 15, 2018

Well it's been a long day.
Getting up and facing the reality of having to move everything in my bedroom to the center so Taylor could paint it? Ugh.  Wasn't particularly in the mood to be honest.  But the colors in my room! Disgusting! One wall puke green. That's what I call it anyway, absolutely abhorrent color.  Bright, ugly green.  I've been looking at that for over 2 years, enough was enough.

The other 3 walls were this yellowish, baby throw up color.  Just repulsive.  Black curtains.  Nothing matching in there, that got me motivated.  A huge pain the @$$ though.  It takes far longer to prep a room to paint than it does to actually paint it.  I did all of that, my room in a shambles but cleared out paths all along the walls.  Covered the floor with paper, covered the bed and furniture with plastic and there we go.  The rest up to Taylor, tho repeated requests for this and that.  She wanted me to take the TV down off the wall, not a happening event.

Not by myself anyway. That TV is huge, there is no way I was going to attempt to get it down. I moved it out from the wall as far as the mount would let it go - which is quite a ways actually, she managed to work behind it. I was impressed tho. She painted that whole room in one day.  Considering everything else she was doing, yeah quite the feat. 

Well, after getting that moving around stuff done, I went to hanging Christmas lights. Only got partially the way through that before realizing I should have bought another 50 light stringer of the C-9's when I got them a few weeks ago.  Taylor had gotten 2 walls done at that point and she was ready to go to Walmart, so was I!  Several items, including those lights.  Yup, Walmart didn't have any.  After leaving there over to Lowe's where I had bought the first roll: not only completely out, but a sign already up saying all Christmas decor items 50% off? Already?

It's still 10 days til' Christmas I was shocked to see that sign there.  They did, however, have C-6's so I thought something better than nothing, bought 3 packages of that and a few other things and out of there.  Back to the house, I'm finishing up what I can on Christmas lights, she's finishing up painting - which meant moving even more stuff around.  I accidentally touch a wall she had painted and it was still wet.  Oh wow! I thought, I'm not sleeping in here tonight. 

Yes, that was my first thought. I can't move all my stuff back into place against walls while it's still wet.  I kind of hoped it would dry enough, but it never did.  Temps are cool here, that room doesn't heat as well as the rest of the house and we had the furnace turned to 68 degrees anyway.

So, I sat at the kitchen bar for several hours playing on my new computer and attempting to decide what to do. Cause I could have just slept on the couch,  a thing I hate.  I could have taken the dogs over to the other house, went to work, got the semi, brought it home and spent the night with it running in the driveway, sleeping in there. Or, I could go to a hotel, take the dogs to a dog -friendly hotel and say screw it, I'll just treat myself.  I've treated everyone else lol.  I've bought almost all presents I intend on buying. Family is done, James and Taylor done.  A few friends, done.  Boys - done. 

I'm at the local La Quinta. This is a far superior hotel than the La Quinta in Lufkin.  I mean, just flat out superior.  I love the 10 foot high ceilings. All exterior doors are inside, not facing outside, meaning there are internal hallways here versus that old run down place in Lufkin which has the design of a Motel 6.  Modern, up to date furniture. They have Dish network versus whatever on earth they had at the Lufkin location.   I'm on the 3rd floor.  And yes, I brought my dogs and trotted them right through the door and into the elevator lol.  The current situation is one dog has taken over one bed, the other my bed. The other, on my bed, being Addler of course.  If I'm home, he's near me, lol.  They're going to have to figure it out. I'm taking the pillows off their bed, pull the cover all the way up to to the edge and they can have a bit more room.  And figure it out for themselves, cause' those dogs are not sleeping in my bed tonight. 

Checkout time here is 12:00.  I dunno how long I'm sleeping in the morning, but I certainly don't have to worry about getting up early.  I'll get home, hope the walls are dried enough to put everything back in order and get it done. I have a Brownsville run on Monday.  I'm actually really not happy I couldn't take the Cheniere run today. I would be getting back in the morning and then getting ready for the next run to Brownsville.  I'm going to ask my manager to please send me right back out after I get back. This sitting around stuff is nice I guess for the off time, it totally sucks for paychecks. 

Like, get home from Brownsville and go right back out if possible. If not, sit around for no more than a day and get me back out there.  Or not, if it's not available.  I'm actually wanting a longer run. West Virginia, Ohio or Ilinois.  I'd even take the 7 day Pennsylvania run right now. 

On another note, one benefit of having 2 dogs is that they lick each other's ears.  Gross, I guess in human terms, but perfectly normal in animal world.  My current dogs? Yea, they haven't figured that out.  So the vet told me the other day one of Addler's ears is very much filled with goo and please get some ear cleaner that they would gladly provide and clean them out.  Oh, btw? The vet, the actual animal doctor? Was terrified of Addler.  She had no confidence and hence she came across as a threat to Addler.  The fear was all over her face.  Yes Addler was growling at the assistants taking the blood, but he couldn't bit anyone if he wanted to with that thing on his snout and I was all over him anyway.  The vet? Stood by the door lmao. 

I've actually never seen another large dog while at a vet. The dogs I see are miniatures up to medium sized dogs. 

I was very unimpressed with the vet, but her assistants were fantastic!  I was the one that suggested they muzzle when they started talking about sticking him with needles 3 times. He's not a fan, I told them, he will  growl, just for your own peace of mind, perhaps you want to put one on?  They were all over that lol, but they never flinched at him.  Some of my Danes? Just never fans of the vet.  I could never get a couple of them to "like" any aspect of it besides sniffing other dogs.  I can't force them to like the visit, but I will be in their faces and making them understand they aren't going to be biting anyone that day.  The thing is, Addler has already bitten a person.  Drew blood too.

But I take no responsibility for a person coming up to the house when no-one is there, reaching over the back fence and "invading" a dog's territory he is rightfully protecting. I felt bad for the lady, yes, but I wasn't offering anything on that deal.  You should know better. Or you should have an air about you that the dog innately respects.  Some people have that, many people don't. 

I'm still perplexed at a person taking the role of a Vet and having fear of the animals that person is going to treat.

Well, I'm watching a movie. They have some decent movie channels here.

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