Sunday, December 16, 2018

Well the dogs were certainly nervous being in this hotel. 
Just a strange surrounding for them I guess.  Addler wants to leave lol.
It's almost 10:30am, I'm leaving soon enough to get home and get my room put back together. 

I'll have to take it apart again eventually to do the baseboards in the dark color we chose for not only my bedroom but also for the dining room and the living room. 

That isn't happening today cause' Taylor got a new job and I'm simply not going to do it.  She is also going to eventually do the bathroom, but I have decided that I want a different color in there. It has no windows and it's dark.  I want a a bright color to compensate for that. An off-white or I'll just look at pics of bathroom design and see what might be appealing. It's a small bathroom.  They could have put a small window in there if they had wanted to, it has a wall that is on the outside structure.  In fact, my bedroom could have had at least a nice large portrait type of window installed as well. It's got a huge wall that faces out of the north side of the house.

Not sure why whoever did the addition to the house decided to leave out some much needed windows.  Even a small window in the bathroom would make a huge difference. Nothing I'm interested in paying for, knocking out a portion of a wall and correctly installing a window frame is not in my skill set.  I can see paying a thousand dollars for a contractor to do it.  I've spent a little money on the room to make it more appealing, but structural changes is nothing I'm interested in paying for. 

Instead, I will install more lighting in the small bathroom.  I already bought a new ceiling fixture a while back that I have yet to install.  I think I might just do that today once I get the room back in order.  It's really not a hard job since the old one is still there.  Take the old one down, cut the wires, put the new one up, connect the wires, done.  I bet I could have it done in 30 to 45 minutes max. 

Whatever the case, I find myself hoping yet again that the Brownsville run will have me waiting on detention pay down there for at least an over night.  But if not, I only want it a 2 day trip. The last trip was 3 days because the plant was having issues.  It's just not worth it for a few hours of detention.  What would be nicer is if my manager wouldn't have me sitting around quite so much.  I give her credit she was going to send me out yesterday - but that credit is negated because I have notified her 4 times over the last few months that my credentials were going to expire and now - have expired. 

Okay, I guess I better get my little self in gear and get moving. 

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