Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Very nice breakfast this morning even if my choices were limited.  I mean, if I could eat pastries, bananas, other fruit, drink milk, have biscuits and gravy, eat waffles and have hot cocoa, well it would have even been better!  I was just glad to find something there that would agree with Keto - cut  up pork sausage, cheese, spinach, throw some salsa and tobasco sauce on top with a pat of butter and walaah. 

I decided to leave the hotel at 9:45 am.  I didn't figure a trailer would show up before then, but if one was going to show up early enough - before 1 pm at the latest, I would probably make it home today.  When I got to the yard down there, there were 2 other of our trucks sitting there waiting. One of the drivers got this dejected look on his face lol.  He informed me he didn't know I was already there and if I hadn't shown up he would have taken the next trailer to show up!

Well whatever, I could have stayed another day, wouldn't have bothered me. Anyway, he started talking about the slow down.  How he would have made 6 figures this year and was headed that direction until work slowed up.  He already told our manager if work didn't start picking back up, he was going to explore his options - switch to another division or look for another job altogether.  This is like the 6th driver that has said something along those lines. 

Anyway, about that time a trailer showed up, I hooked up to it and took off.  It was 11:15 am, I figured I could make it home tonight but whether I did or not wasn't really all that important.  Not going to be sent out tomorrow, that's for sure.  But then my manager asked me when I was going to be back and what trailer number I had?  Please get it back before morning, lol.  10-4. 

That sealed that, I just drove straight back, only stopping for fuel and stopping at Stripes (a gas station/convenience market, many locations having huge kitchens pumping out mexican food( for my baked half chicken.  It's delicious, it's low calorie and it's no carbs.  Match it with 4 jalapeno peppers of which I ate all 4 and I was quite content.  I get it everytime I'm going down there now. 

Anyway I'm home and this house is freezing, gag.  Had to check my weight even if the totally wrong time of day to do it.  Fully clothed and at this time of day I was almost 230 pounds when I started the diet.  Now it's 212.  But the naked weight, lol, is what interests me and the only "accurate" reading is in the morning.  The thing is, my 34's are loose now.  And getting looser.  I don't know how you can lose fat on this diet and not show a weight reduction, but it's been happening. 

Tomorrow? I dunno.  I need to work, that's what I need to do.  I don't need to be sitting around the house for extended periods.  I've got bills to pay and things I want to do.  I've considered doing Uber or Lyft for some extra money when there's nothing going on.  But I don't really know how much they make.  Or if there's even enough demand around this area to make it worth the hassle.  I guess if it comes to that, it's best to just go look for a new job.

And with that, I'm offa here. It's very late, I just had to have some down time before going to sleep. 

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