Friday, December 28, 2018

I got out of the hotel, decided on a particular area of  Interstate where I would stop for the night.
I look on an app, what's available.  It shows the truck stops, but it shows much more than that.

Well, I figured on a Love's truck stop on the Arkansas border - tho not set in stone. That one  gets filled up. No parking spaces. I had several other alternate locations, I just thought I'd figure it out when I got closer. I mean, I was 580 miles off when I started thinking about that. You really have to look in advance nowadays. When Elogs were forced upon us, truckstop parking lots starting filling up at 7:00 pm.

The day dragged on, I have things to keep my mind busy while I'm driving, because it gets very boring.  Excepting for today tho.  I was intentionally run off the road by a FedEx truck who - no known reason. Well I guess I didn't slow down to let him pass? On an Interstate Highway? With a passing lane? I went full blown Fedex on that one.  In fact, that video will gain traction.  You can't run another truck off the road because why?

Well anyway, I was near the end of the day - end of the day means I"m almost out of driving hours - 11 of them - and I see this billboard. Whatever the name of the casino and "truckers welcome". Hey, I'ma trucker! and I love blackjack.  I've been up and down this 75 mile stretch of highway and never saw that billboard.

It sounded like fun! After being in a town on Christmas with nothing open, no restaurants, no socialism, I was ready to engage.  Getting off the Interstate? 5 miles to the casino? Dang, I wasn't prepared for that.  I don't ever go more than a quarter mile to find a place to park.  But this wasn't about parking, I love blackjack.  So  went on down the road and the road? Ended 5 miles later at the casino.

What I didn't understand is the road ends because the Mississippi river? Yeah, that's what's there.  Well there were already  about 10 trucks there - room for 50 more - I pulled up, did my paperwork and then a courtesy shuttle showed up.  I didn't order a courtesy shuttle and neither did I know I was at the Mississippi River and neither did I know I would end up on a boat to play blackjack. Not unusual, Shreveport has boats on the Red River.

I shut off my truck - hey, can you give me a couple of minutes? I need to finish my paperwork - there wasn't a line of cars or trucks coming in there - he said sure, I have nothing else to do.  The driver was the person that informed me that I was going to a boat and that the state has it mandated that casinos must be on the water. Well, I tipped him, might as well, I have this idea that tipping is the way to winning, start the good vibes, walked in there and walked down this long, enclosed corridor.

At least 100 feet long, probably more.  I get in the entrance, looking around for tables. Blackjack tables to be exact. Nothing but thieving slot machines.  I won't put a penny into those things.  If they don't have Blackjack, I won't play anything.  It's the only thing I will gamble on at a casino.  It's more likely to win me money - and have a good time doing it - than anything else there.  Yes, I do go in with the idea of winning money, but it's on the level of $200 to $500, not thousands or getting rich.

Second room - I found an ATM. I didn't have much cash on me, I won't sit down at a table with at least $150 on me.  It's psychological thing.  I won't lose more than $200 before getting up and walking out, either. If I hit $200 loss, I'm gone.

Then, going around, looking for a table. 3 blackjack tables, all full with people standing around them.  I just stood there like a fox looking at prey and waited. I'll get my chance, I thought, and I'm going to win tonight, not lose.  After 20 minutes, a man got up off the table on the either side - 3rd base at that - and I rushed over to fill that seat. Google "Blackjack 3rd base" if you want to understand that.  It basically means you can win or lose for not only yourself, but the entire table.  In many instances, it's very true. A sucky 3rd base player will cause players that have a clue to get up and walk to another table.


And got caught up in a bit of a scuff with Rene - once again. Blowing up my text messages with this dude that's living over there and..issues.

Anyway, I played that table for about 2 hours.  I was up $400 at one point -  not including tips with house money to the dealer for the good hands - and walked out of there with $250.  Spent the night in their parking lot, drove back to the yard - yesterday as of now - and here I am, 5:00 am, getting ready to go back out again.  I requested it. 

Well now.  I just checked my bank account. $61?  I should have had near a lot more than that with 2 runs on that check. We're on weekly pay now, there's 2 runs that should have shown up on this pay period. 

Have to deal with that later, about last track of time here.  Time go!

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