Saturday, December 29, 2018

No detention this time.
Tho the trailer that is here is damaged. Either Something backed into something or another vehicle ran into it.  Either way, obviously unreported damage so I took pics and sent them to my manager with my normal disclaimer of "Sorry to bother you, but I"m sending these now because I'm not taking responsibility for someone else's screwup".  And I'm not taking responsibility for someone else's shit.  It probably happened in Mexico and they get away with this nonsense.

In fact, every trailer I've pulled out of here for the last several times has had some kind of issue with it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this one.  The light is busted, the lense torn off - but - it still works. I think FMCSA only requires them to work, they aren't going to care how it looks.

I dunno, but I do careful, slow walkarounds on these trailers.  It's ridiculous to even have to do it to the degree I do it, but I'm not going to drive something that isn't roadworthy or won't pass a DOT inspection.


That was last night. I'm actually home now lol. 
House full of people. Inlaws here - not my inlaws as I have none at this point but there are 3 extra people..  I'm sure they were hoping I was going to be on the road and I can't say that I wouldn't mind being out there right now.  I drove the day out and could do it again tomorrow. The only thing that I usually start missing is my doggies.   Other than that, I could probably live out there. 

The stuff my mom said to me several days ago is really messing with my head.  It was very subtle, but it was, I think, an internal thing with her reaching out. I have seen some things on her Facebook wall, just never connected it.  Mama is not going to spend her days in an assisted living center if she doesn't want to. She'll have to make some concessions.  She lives alone. I don't live alone, but by design. She likes her privacy. So do I, but that doesn't mean I can't live with other people. 

I'm really just thinking about an appropriately worded statement to her. 

I'm very perplexed with this situation. 

It's not so strange that your parents in their winter years need help. It's just the way that this is coming about. 

I dunno what to say.  The dynamics of this.  Nothing being forced at that moment, she's thinking about the days coming and ..... 

Really, this is bothering me. Just because I'm living with friends and there isn't anyplace to put her up here even if it came to that.

I could go on - and on - and on about this. And will, but not in one single post.  My mom is so independent. 

Well it's late. Time to go to bed.

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