Sunday, December 30, 2018

The start of (at least) 2 days off. 3 would be nice at this point. But not 4. I'm really down for 3 days off.  Anyway, I have no motivation to do anything so - I'm not. Besides a trip to the store and take an inhaler up to Taylor at her second job and help james move his Harley, well and a few other things, I haven't done anything.

But saying all of that, I guess I have lol. 

I wanted to sleep in this morning, but a screaming child nixed that at 7:00 am.  I wanted to take an extra long hot shower, little did I know someone was running laundry and someone else had just taken a long, hot shower.  I just figured this was going to be a nothing day after that. 

The tornado that came close (a mile away) caused winds here that did some amount of damage.  They said there was a whistling sound outside as the tornado hit.  It's the only thing about this region I really don't like - tornadoes.  Every year they hit around here.  I don't think one has come this close tho since I've lived here.  There's a season for them and when that season comes, off we go!

Diet:  My plateau has apparently ended.  Down 3 pounds in the last week. I'm so close to 199 I can taste it.  My goal is in the 180's, but hitting the 199 mark would be a celebratory deal for me.  I'm sticking with this diet for now. I've been on it for quite a while and it's done wonders.  And, we have a weight bench now, just need to locate weights and bars for it.  I'm trying to find someone selling their set versus buying them new.  People get rid of that stuff and sell it a lot cheaper than the cost of new stuff. 

And for my paycheck. Besides the fact that I was shorted all of my trips that I made, I couldn't understand what the $61.02 was for.  What on earth do we do that gets that small amount of money? Turns out it's a $75 bonus for getting through a roadside inspection by a State Trooper without any write-ups.  Well that's not bad considering it was maybe 30 minutes spent. 

However, besides my manager acknowledging the trips I had to get to her to prove that I was shorted, I have no idea when I'm getting this money? Shouldn't an employer ante up immediately when they screw up like this? If I were broke I'd be all over it.  If I don't get it next paycheck I'll be asking for a name and phone number of whoever is in charge of payroll.  But I will get it dealt with next paycheck if it's not on there.  Which means next paycheck should be incredibly huge.  Well, I will be rocking the boat if it's not in there, that's what I will say about that. 

Texas actually has a law about getting paid - on payday.  "Texas Payday Law".  No less than 2 paychecks per month. 

Just interesting that after I supplied this information to my manager, she did not reply.  I had to text her again to confirm that she had received it? And then no word on what was being done about it? 

On another note, after 2 plus months of being on this diet, I caved and had 2 very small slivers of Taylor's birthday cake.  I dunno if it will kick me out of ketosis, but if it does I'll go right back in, I believe, cause it wasn't a huge carb overflow. Tho I have to say the icing tasted like pure sugar.  Again, I only had 2 very small slivers.  Who knows. It's actually something I really need to understand, cause' I read about people cheating on this diet once a week and they claim they are still losing weight.

But it's the internet. There is no way to verify that information.  In a while, I'll test on a strip and see if I was kicked out of ketosis and then, if I was, how long it will take to get back into it.  Many say a good long fast will deal with it.  I mean, if it takes 2 weeks to get back into ketosis, I'll regret it. If it takes a couple days, probably not. If it's back tomorrow, definitely not.  I've been very tempted to go in an all out day where I just eat whatever I want - which would be a large Dairy Queen Blizzard and mounds of potatoes and probably a plate of spaghetti thrown in.

Just the little of issue of ketosis.  It took a while to get into it. I've been in it steadily the entire time.  Just a few day where it showed weak, but still there. 

Well okay. I couldn't wait any longer. I'm in mild ketosis.  That's good. That means an 18 hour fast should throw me back into it. 

Meanwhile, I'm smoking - I think I will anyway - one of the rib roasts tomorrow. I'll have the day off, no one will be home. Oh, I take that back, the inlaws are here, I assume the kids will be too. But they won't go out back.  Make a nice fire in the pit, get the smoker fired up.  Maybe do some things, I dunno. The tornado took the cover completely off of the greenhouse.  Amazing. That thing was on there tight. They didn't take any videos of it. Then again, they were crowded in my bathroom shower stall, so I get why they didn't get video. 

Okay. Offa here.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...