Sunday, February 10, 2019

No detention in Brownsville, yet again. I guess I was just hitting it lucky? Whoever went down there today  - I saw the truck driving down there - they are the lucky one that gets at least all day tomorrow for detention.  It's a matter of the day I"m sent out.  I have far greater chance of finding no trailer down there if it's a Saturday run versus this Friday stuff I"ve been getting.  I really could use some sitting around time to puff up a paycheck or two.

As it stands, I was sent nothing for tomorrow or Monday, so I guess I"m sitting at home for the next 2 days.  Unwanted, thanks.  Uneventful trip anyway.

Filed my taxes before I left. I'm only getting $500 back. After paying 10k in federal taxes, one would hope to get a bit more of it back than that.  That was a bit disappointing, I was hoping enough to go out and buy a used 4 wheeler or maybe an old fishing boat.  Instead, I'll just save that $500 for the upcoming trip to Galveston.  It should pay for the hotel cost at least.

Anyway, I found a really cool dude to take the open room in the other house. About time.  I have 2 good people in there, just need one more after Rene leaves.  She is intent on moving back to Michigan, some friend is going to let her use a guest house for free - so she says anyway - but the real deal for her is free pot.  It's whatever to me.  She is free to do with her life as she pleases. Meanwhile, I will still have a place to take my dogs when I go on my runs.  Maria says she wants to do it.  Otherwise, I have zero need for that house as I'm not making anything off of it and the market here is very tight for finding renters..

As it stands, I'm going to look for other rental houses, owner finance and rent to buy places next month before April gets here. A larger house would be nice, but the point is the over priced house we are dealing with now.  I want a bargaining chip - if they don't bring the rent down, I'll move the whole lot of them into another house and wash my hands of that place.  I intend on getting the price down one way or the other.

And, my ice cream arrived!  Good Lord, I just now remembered it.  6 pints of heaven sitting in the freezer.  7 grams of carbs for the entire pint!  I don't think I can eat it today, actually.  I'm close to my carb limit.  I think I'll eat a whole pint tomorrow and just eat mostly meat the rest of the day.  I haven't had ice cream in many months.

Umm, so my friends have a lady over from work.  "In her 40's but looks like she's 30, blonde, hot".  I'm told. I'm going to meet her in a minute. I needed to come into my room, sit down and relax after a day of driving.  I walked in the house and saw no one anywhere. The lights are all on, but they are...where?  Oh, in their bedroom? Weird.  They never do that.

I've got the dates now for the vacation to Galveston - July 12-15, 3 nights.  I don't know where they are wanting to stay yet.  But I'm going to do the rounds of the hotel searches - Expedia, Booking, Priceline etc and see what I can find.  One night at a resort hotel would be awesome.  But it's the worst time of year to go speaking on the pricing of hotels.  Motel 6? $127 a night. For a Motel 6!!! LMAOOOOO. I'm not sure they are going to be able to afford a beachfront property, but we'll see.  The decent ones are in the $200 plus-per-night range.  And that's now. And waiting too long probably means everything sells out.  So I'm going to push them on this.  I guess it just depends on the experience one wants. If you want a beachside hotel that is decent, fork out the cash. If you can deal with staying in a city 10 miles away and driving to the beach - save a ton of dough.  I personally would rather do a beachside deal, it's a vacation, might as well spend the money and do it right.

Okay, I met the lady. Nice enough - but about 100 pounds over weight. Not my type.  Sorry if it sounds shallow, but looks are part of the equation, in my book, of any potential relationship.  I'm definitely not looking for a relationship, tho and really not interested.  My relationship desire has been soured to the point of not wanting one.  Not at the moment anyway.

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