Sunday, March 10, 2019

Finally back in full ketosis.
Sometimes I eat stuff while on the road that I'm not sure about the ingredients.  Kind of take a chance. I mean, it just kicks me out temporarily - but that can take days.  Then I feel like I'm wasting my time with the diet cause I'm no longer using fat as the source of energy for my body. That's how this thing works - that's why it's hugely popular and successful - if - you follow the diet and pay attention to ketosis and do the strips to make sure you are in ketosis - and if not - taking remdial steps to get back into it. Otherwise, you might as well just quit and not do the diet at all.  It literally won't work without ketosis, no way can you eat that much fat and expect to lose weight otherwise.

My remedial step is to simply eat nothing but cream cheese for a day or so. Maybe some pork rinds along with it.  It works.  It isn't the greatest thing on earth, but it's not the worst either.  I'm floating around 200 pounds at the moment 199 being the lowest be really just staying around there. Not gaining or losing.  Well I take that back. My size 34's are definitely falling off of me now.  Much looser than they were. I'm going to get a pair of size 33 jeans - I tried last week but accidentally bought size 32's. 

32 is a long way off. I'm not sure I even want to be that skinny again.  I used to be skinny. Toned, yes but not much meat on my bones.  I don't really see that as all that desirable anymore, just want the weight down into the normal range. 

Anyway, it's Sunday, I've done a lot of nothing today. Well I babysitted the kids for several hours.  It's funny, because when mom and dad leave, those two will just hang out with me the entire time.  No crying, no fussing, just happy happy. Then when the parents get home, they're back to fussing and crying lol.  They don't think it's so funny, I tend to rub it in haha.

I have a run to Brownsville tomorrow and I have unanswered questions that I posed to my manager last night. The 5 days with only 1 run thing - and that one run being almost worthless question. And why? If we aren't slow, what's going on here?  She wasn't happy with my questions and I didn't - and don't - care.  And - the rest of the questions - and questions I haven't asked that i will be asking.  I want to know why she is taking some of the actions she is taking, such as hiring more people that we absolutely don't need.  And putting outside drivers over the group's Ethylene drivers. And on and on. I've kept my mouth shut long enough. Other drivers have asked the same questions, but they aren't like me.

I'm not claiming to be anything special, but I don't take half assed responses that don't answer the question at face value. If the company is forcing her to make these moves, then my grief is with people above her head.  If she is somehow arbitrarily making these decisions, then I want to know why she is making those decisions and based on what metrics?  Any way about it, I will find out.  Either from her or from someone above her, at this point it doesn't matter to me.  It's best to stay ithin the chain of command as long as you can - but there is a point where that no longer works.  And be prepared to find alternative employment.  I have a couple of good leads that I would pursue further if it comes to that. 

Anyway, we are having steak for dinner tonight.  It's keto friendly : )

Dogs will be staying home while I'm gone.  Rene told Maria that I would be "paying $150 per week to have a kennel watch my dogs", thus her stance with Maria that she deserves everything I've done for her.  There's one problem with her argument: I could and will be leaving my dogs at home for - ever actually. I'd just give my friends money for the help, but they wouldn't ask for it.  I don't need Rene or Maria or anyone else outside of where I'm at to watch them. It would just mean they would be outside alone all day long - just like millions of other dogs are left outside, all day long, across America.  Nothing unusual about it, not optimal, imo, but certainly not abusive to the pets. 

Rene unblocked me temporarily to send a text about how wrong I am, ,blah blah blah and then blocked me again before I could even send a reply?  Yup, enough.  She can leave today if she likes, no one would miss her. 

Well, it's time to get some stuff done for my trip tomorrow before it gets too late. Daylight savings time kicked in - gag- last night I'm glad I didn't have to get up early this morning. 

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