Friday, July 26, 2019

The plant held me up for 5 hours yesterday.  I like to never got out of there!
Then, when I came out of the scale house, I saw one of my tractor tires half flat!  😂😂😂
So I call the mechanic, bring it to the shop? Nope, take it to the tire shop in Kilgore.
2 hours later, I'm finally headed to Oklahoma.  7 plus hours before I even left the area to get up there.
Enough to get up there, drop and hook and drive 30 miles to an abandoned truck stop to spend the night - in the middle of nowhere.  Good thing the middle of nowhere also has a Quik Trip.

Really odd place to put one of those stores, there is literally nothing else out there. No other businesses, no hotels, no houses, nothing. Yet every time I drive by the thing the parking lot and fuel pumps are loaded up with cars.  Just weird.  It provided a nice walk last night for dinner - a salad - and this morning for coffee.

Yup, I"m full blown back on Keto diet - 2cd day back on.  I couldn't possibly continue on with the carefree, eat-whatever-I-want-whenever-I-want-to.  I'd gain all that weight and fat back quickly and hike right on up from there.  No thanks!  I haven't checked for ketosis yet, I figure it's too soon after eating all those carbs for all of those days in a row.  I might check it tomorrow.

Anyway, I got back from that trip alright and am getting another run for tomorrow, at least my manager told me that. I'll probably get a shit run. there are only 4 runs available and only one of them is good. The rest of them are utter garbage.  2 of them are the worst runs we get. Cheniere and Airgas Houston.  I am hoping for a streak of luck here, just hoping!  The good one is the Brownsville run.

Meanwhile, Maria.  I bought her dress for the wedding, then the shoes.  Thankfully her son finally sent her the money to get transportation down to Houston - he had promised her to do it but he kept putting it off.  I wished her a good time today as I picked up my doggies, left her a few bucks for food or whatever and came home.  But, I am ready to go right back out again.  I need money, the road is where it's at for me, let's go!


And here we are. Friday morning, 4:00 am, getting ready to leave. For where, you ask? Where else! Oklahoma! Woohooo!  There was only 1 good run available today and I was pretty sure Iwasn't going to get it. Then there is another Oklahoma run and then...there are 2 far worse runs.  I'm just hoping I get one of those nice runs that's going out on Sunday. 

Welp, the day ain't getting any younger.  But, I don't have to take the dogs over to the other house. Maria is going to Houston today for her son's wedding, which automatically means my dogs will be staying home.  In fact, it's so early I'm not even putting them outside. Taylor will do that later when she gets up. 

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