Saturday, January 5, 2019

Well it's a new day.
Just trying to put myself in a more positive thinking mode.
Cause after the information from my manager yesterday, I definitely went into dark thoughts.  No employer will ever be perfect, but an employer that isn't paying it's employees is definitely a problem.  People are quitting and/or talking about quitting.  I'm not there yet.  But the fact that I couldn't access my trip pay sheets online last night was irritating.  I wanted to find out what I had been paid for.

This is all due to the worst transfer of one company being shuffled over to another that I have ever seen anywhere.  All kinds of stuff has happened - negative stuff, things an employer doesn't want to have happen - but the pay stuff is the deal breaker.  Tho, some employees are getting paid for trips that they didn't do.  It's ridiculous.  The only way to keep on top of this is to see what they are paying out and what they aren't. I don't understand why they aren't getting this taken care of immediately? They stand to lose even more drivers in the midst of desperately trying to recruit new drivers?  If this stuff goes on the internet - the pay situation - that isn't going lure anyone to the company and will drive anyone thinking about switching over, away.

Just a frustrating situation.  Supposedly we are to "let it ride a couple of weeks, it should work itself out".  That isn't particularly encouraging, either. 

Anyway, per the diet, I am kicked out of ketosis lol.  I guess I ate too many carbs yesterday.  Must have been the marinara sauce I had with my chicken.  It was low carb but admittedly I at a huge helping of it.  Hopefully shouldn't take long to go back into it.  I'm back at the same plateau I was at.  Then again, I've lost a lot of fat, perhaps that's just the way it works when you are close to your goal weight.  My arms are still somewhat sore from that workout 4 days ago.  I'm not working out again until that passes.  Like hopefully by the time I get back from this trip so I can do a chest workout.  I'm getting serious about working out, but my body doesn't like it lol.  Just have to slowly condition it back into whatever peak performance a person can get at my age.  At least, if nothing else, I've at least temporarily eliminated this idea of growing old and fat.  Growing old, yes, fat, hopefully the tide is turning for a healthier set of Golden years. 

Speaking of age, I will pass a milestone in a month.  I will turn 55.  Seems surreal.  Just the "other" day I was 48, and before that I was 41, etc etc etc.  I dunno, but since I'm going to be officially a senior citizen, I'm going to take advantage of whatever discounts are to be found out there for us old people lmao.  I dunno if joining AARP is worth it, they've been sending me brochures since I turned 50. 

Well, I got back yesterday late afternoon and now preparing to leave again in a few minutes.  I kind of like a full day off in between trips, but right now? I'll take whatever she'll give me cause' they're still complaining about this slowdown.  She wanted to dump me with Cheniere yesterday and I just laughed. Sorry, but my training has expired, you know this.  She just said, oh darn.  You literally cannot get into that plant unless you have a current safety training card.  You can take a load of chemicals down there and beg and plead and they'll just smile and tell ya no.  I don't miss the place, I haven't been in there in quite a while and it will not hurt my feelings if I don't have to go back again for a long, long time. 

Well, see ya on the flip side!

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