Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The agony, the hell, the misery of going through that unbelievably boring, long-winded s*** called training for Cheniere.  I'm not sorry to say that. They said I didn't have to do the whole thing, just a "refresher". Yea, the refresher from hell.  They shaved off 3 hours and 15 minutes, big deal.  I had to sit in front of a computer and watch a 1 hour and 45 minute presentation on general safety at sites.  Nothing I heard was new, at all.  I answered 50 questions at the end and then moved on to the Cheneire modules.

That is the one from hell. Because you have to sit there for over 2 and a half hours, you can't get up, you can't go to the bathroom, you aren't allowed any kind of drinks or food in there.  It's just plain retarded.  Treating grown men and women like kindergartners because of the stupidity of a few people.  I literally hate that place.  To make things worse, I didn't sleep worth a petunia's petal last night and I was fighting sleep the whole through both of those presentations. And as the last time, the Cheneire presentation goes over all the things a new hired employee would  have to learn, but I"m not a newly hired Cheniere employee and I don't work there. 90% of the presentation was meaningless.  It had zero relevance on what I go in there to do.  I don't need to know about theory operations theories, guidelines and rules.  I only need to know their safety regs and I already have that well down, thanks. 

I don't even want to go there, but when times are tight, anything will be better than nothing. She has been handing out those runs quite a lot, the plant must have been brought back online again.  So anyway, I texted I was done with that miserable nonsense and she just laughed.  She knows what it's all about.  A complete waste of time, that's what.  Besides the operations stuff - which has no bearing on what I do in there - it's all common sense stuff.  And it was chock full of multiple choice questions as well.  Around 100 of them interspersed throughout the presentation, same exact thing as last year. 

Anyway, that evil is done and over with.  I don't care if I get paid for it. I'd rather pay them NOT to do it!

And darnnit if I didn't forget to get my new shoes.  I get a $125 perk for new steel toed shoes at this company every year.  My last ones are a long ways from wearing out. I'm going to find some steel toed hiking style boots - I have to buy them steel toed - but I'm not going to let that kind of voucher just disappear.  Just that I got out of that place and the first thing I thought of was food - over to Cracker Barrell for Keto friends pork chop, ham and eggs and then? Home.  No, back to my town to get a hair cut.  Wash the SUV and then I went to get the dogs and then went home. 

Tomorrow, a run to Houston.  This is legitimately a day run if it works out right.  227 miles down, they get you right in, unload as fast as possible and start right back.  There are reasons I couldn't make it in a day, of course, the biggest factor is the loading plant, but even if it goes a little over, I can still make it.  That short of a run isn't worth more than a day's worth anyway.    It's no more than 8 hours of driving total which leaves 3 hours to load at the plant and 3 hours to unload at the delivery station. Something has to go really bad to not be able to do that run in one day. 

Now then. We have this ridiculous border wall argument going on and on. Now Ted Cruz has rolled out an idea to take Chavo's fortune and use it to build the wall.  I guarantee you that if that's possible, dems will find something to complain about it.  They don't want Trump to win, they want their power back and they don't care how it has to happen.  The ends justifies the means. They have taken the moral low road, not the moral high road that they endlessly claim they are taking.  I'm sick of all  of this.  Politics in the US is completely broken.  It's pretty disgusting. 

Okay, well today is the 3 turned 4 year old's birthday.  I have nothing for him.  I just remembered now.  Lol.  Oh well.  I'd give him a few dollars but that wouldn't mean anything to him.  He doesn't understand the concept of money yet. 


Breakfast for dinner was the announcement and that we did!  I filled myself up on keto friends meats and a huge omelette.  I haven't felt full in days.  We sang happy birthday to the 4 year old, cleaned up and here I am. Waiting on Trump's speech.  I'm more interested in the spin the likes of CNN and MSNBC will put on it than what Trump has to say.  I already know what he'll say.  Or at least I think I have a very good idea. 

Annnnnddddddd......get ready for tomorrow.  Early enough rise at 5 am.  It will be a full, long day.  I hope I can sleep better tonight than last night. If I don't, I won't make it back tomorrow. I'll pull over somewhere on the way back up and go to bed and think nothing of it. 

C'ya next time. 

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