Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Wall fiasco continues on....and on....and we are seeing Trump moving towards a national emergency to fund the wall.  The debate is ridiculous. The federal government is mandated to secure our borders, a point that dem leaders conveniently leave out.  The news is nothing but the wall wall wall now.

Whatever the case, I slept a solid 10 hours last night.  I mean, I woke up a couple times but went right back to sleep. That's how tired I was.  Just not getting enough sleep several nights previous to it and plus putting in a full 14 hour day yesterday - I had 10 minutes left on the 14 hour clock when I was done last night - not including going to work and coming home, which is full of things needing to be done in itself.

Yesterday really wasn't worth that much money. I figure around $300 to $340 depending on how much detention time I get paid for.  I'm ready for another Brownsville run with a few days worth of detention thrown in .  I'll take whatever I can get tho and most likely now that my Cheniere credentials are renewed, I"ll be getting dumped with those runs.  I dunno but I hope to get sent back out again tomorrow somewhere.

But, with the room finally rented and the lady that moved in seemingly content to stay, I'm hopeful anyway, that takes a lot of pressure for $400 worth of bills off of me.  I paid all that out last month since I never was able to get anyone in there - tho I didn't think it would happen during December anyway.  I also dumped this load all on Rene - it's up to you, Rene, to make this work. If you can't give and take, she won't stay and I'll be tempted to bow out of this contract - another 3 months to go - pay my share of it and wash my hands of this.

The house itself is a problem tho.  It's small, I can't imagine it's over 1,300 square feet.  Good guess on my part, looked it up on Zillow, it's 1,274 square feet. Trust me, if you were to see the house you would call it small.  The monthly rent at $800 is way over priced and the insulation in the house is not sufficient.  The gas and cooling bills are ridiculous for the amount of square footage.  A mortgage on this house would be around $400 per month, which would make it much more appealing and perhaps do upgrades to it.  But I'm 100% positive I can't get a second mortgage right now.

So I dumped it on them. Come March, find a house that is owner financed or otherwise alternative funding such as rent to own.  Get back to me.  Or find another rental house that is bigger.  Take some of the initiative and find something that will work with bigger bedrooms and at least 2 full baths.  They are motivated.  Perhaps some of the problems with people getting cranky with each other is based on the smaller rooms and all of them crammed at one end of the house - versus such as I'm living in now, rooms are separated - well separated.

Whatever. I just don't want to be the only one doing all of this.  The problem with this town I'm in his that a lot of these old homes were built with only 1 bathroom.  I just looked again, a vast majority of them are 1 bath. Finding 2 full baths or even 1-1/2 baths is pretty difficult.  What I am noticing is bigger houses for less money.

Agenda for today: not sure.  It's already 11:30 am, I have no regrets getting up late. I probably could have slept another hour.  Or more.  A few things tho I should get done now that I think of it. Cook some meals for the road and freeze them.  Now that I have a microwave in the truck, I can reheat meals versus trying to find meals with low carbs. I'm still on the keto diet. Finding it difficult to cross below the 200 pound barrier.  Been stuck around the weight I"m at for several weeks now.  I also intend on working out today - 30 minutes or so with the weights.

Oh yes. I forgot. Transfer my balance from Capital one to Citi which is offering balance transfer with substantially lower rates for 12 months with no transfer fees. I kinda racked up a bit of debt for my new TV and my new laptop. Everything else at Christmas I paid in cash. It's less than $500, I'll have it paid off in a few months.

And finally, still can't review settlement sheets on my pay stubs. They took it down for unknown reasons. This shows each trip I'm getting paid for and breaks it down by the mileage pay, stop pay and detention pay. It's the only way I know that I'm getting paid everything. They announced they are no longer going to send the paystubs in the mail - which has all those sheets included. If I can't see the settlement sheets, I'm completely in the dark.  I mean, I would have to start keeping detailed recording of trips and everything I should get paid.  I wasn't doing that because the settlement sheets show all of that and I have a very good memory when it comes to what I did on any given trip. 

Regardless, my pay stub is already up there for tomorrow's pay. It's much more in line with what I should be getting on a weekly basis. 

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...