Friday, January 11, 2019

So I apparently have 5 days off total.  I didn't work yesterday, today and no work sent for the weekend which includes Monday.

I don't actually mind time off here and there. But I don't want this kind of time off on a regular basis.  But whatever. I was looking at airfare to Phoenix.  Why not? I could leave tomorrow and come back on Monday.  But, the airfare is excessive on last minute flights. I've tried a slew of different sights  and going to the airlines themselves.  Well, I guess I could afford it, just seems such a waste for a few days.

Yet, I'd love to visit my son in his time of suffering and just spend some time with him.  His hand is messed up, bad.  Wire and screws to put everything back together. 

I don't think so.  I'd take  a road trip somewhere for the fun of it, just don't know where to go.  Wish there were some mountains near here. 

I dunno. Sitting around here for 3 days seems like a waste. 

I might think of something, or I might succumb to do nothing.  One of the kids birthday celebration is tomorrow night, but it's nothing that I need to hang around for.  There will be a bunch of kids here for it and I can think of other things I could be doing.  Not to mention it's a short event.  Serve cake, hand out presents, bye!  Lol. 

No natural wonders around here - within a few hundred miles even that I know of - to check out.  The green 4 wheeler isn't working. Maybe I could figure that out tomorrow and go out riding?  Haven't done that in ages.

I saw a 28 foot party barge - a pontoon boat - on a side street for sale when I was coming home from a chicken joint here that sells baked chicken - keto friendly stuff.  No price on it and in need of work. The seats are all gone off of it.  But even if i bought the thing tomorrow? Now way it's ready to go this weekend. Not to mention Texas requires you to take some kind of course before you can boat on their waterways.

4 wheeling sounds good tho.  I think I'll try to figure out what's wrong with that thing tomorrow.  Take the dogs and they can trot along with me along the river.

Or not.  Just in a conundrum.  I'd really like to fly back to phoenix.  Red eye flight, one day there, come back that night, wasted, toasted, trashed as far as sleep goes? It's not worth it.  Better flights take it up to the $500 range. 

I'll just let this pass out of my mind. 

Just do stuff around here.  I dunno why I was snubbed for a weekend run.

But I'll find out. 

Then again, I wasn't making any friends today in the company. I made call, after call, after call to various locations around the US to find out why I am not receiving the break down of every single run, such as was given until - today.  I was getting quite irritated, especially with a certain lady operating incoming calls in Ohio. 

I've been annoyed ever since those phone calls.  I really shouldn't have to go through all of that just to speak with the payroll department. 


Well then.
The battle for the  wall continues and as more data comes out, it's making democrats look rather foolish on their continued stance against a wall.  Democrats have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars - Obama's stimulus package and the ACA just to name 2 of them - but they think an actual barrier to stop people from simply walking across the border is a waste of money?  This has turned into a circus, the Dem leaders are the clowns and we all sit back and watch it as it plays out.

The whole thing is making them look extremely petty.


Home for another day.  I didn't want to go out today, so I just didn't ask my manager when I'm going out next.  If I do that, it usually means I'll get sent out.  Well, I've been on the road a lot, a couple days off are good for the mind, heart and soul.  I am feeling particularly unmotivated today, even worse than yesterday.  Tho, I did get some stuff done yesterday at least.  It's only 9 am, there is plenty of day left to at least do some cleaning if nothing else.  Regardless, it's Friday and the weekend is upon us, I can't afford 5 days off so she'll hopefully be sending me somewhere tomorrow, Sunday or Monday.

I finally got what appears to be a correct weekly paycheck. But I have no way of telling and a phone call to the payroll department was answered by a message to leave my name and number, which I did yesterday and of course haven't heard anything back.  This company sucks on the communication level, in fact, pretty much everything on the corporate level is ridiculous.

Well this day turned nasty on me. Apparently I have picked up the stomach bug that is going around.  4 visits to the bathroom so far.....

Good thing I'm not on the road today, gag. 

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