Sunday, January 13, 2019

Well Sunday.
There is literally nothing - fun - to do.
Plenty of "stuff".
Clean my room, laundry, rake leaves, etc.
What I need is either a boat or a working 4 wheeler.
I can't figure out what's wrong with the big green one.
I'll have to hire someone to come out and figure it out for me I guess.
I'm pretty sure it's a fuel delivery problem tho.

I'm fixing to call that guy with the big party barge boat - otherwise known to us older generation as a pontoon boat. It's got a 90 horsepower motor on it which is enough to get it going fast enough to tow tubes. Tho this isn't the time of year to be in the icy cold water, it is always the time of year to go out to he middle of a big lake somewhere and go fishing.  The deck on the boat literally has nothing - the furniture is all missing, the only thing that is on there is the control panel.  And the cover is on there, but it's folded back to impossible to tell what condition it's in. Still, if the thing was cheap enough, it would be worth buying it and finding furniture to put on it.  They usually have a couch and at least a couple of living room style padded chairs.

Weight still going down very slowly compared to when I first started this diet, but the gut is rapidly disappearing.  Surrounded by chips, breads, crackers, potatoes, sugary treats and other forbidden things,  I have held my ground.  I'm sort of proud of that fact because I even survived the Holidays. 


Day is gone.  I spent a good deal of time working out with the new weight equipment.  My chest has turned into blubber and I am determined to change that.  I was going to wait until I was under 200 pounds, but that no longer interested me.  I can lose weight but there is still the element of conditioning and getting muscular again.  That will take some time. That will take quite some time, actually. Muscle isn't added quickly, not like fat.  My second workout, the first was bicep workout and it trashed my arms for 4 almost 5 days . Extremely sore. 

I'm guessing today's workout with different muscle groupings will result in the same. I figure that because by the time I was done working out, my entire body was quivering and shaking.  I can't bench press anything even remotely close to what I used to do.  Kind of unnerving.  Actually a bit disappointing.  It is what it is, now that there is a set sitting on the back porch, I can and will go out there whenever I'm home - and haven't already worked out - and spend half an hour out there more.

I also did a bunch of incline situps.  Lock your legs on the leg holders and fire it up.  The thing is sit at a steep, backward incline.  Pretty intense. By the time I had done 5 sets of those I was done for the day. 

It was the natural progression of this diet to start working out again. It was just a matter of when, not if.  Diets will lose the weight but they aren't going to rip your muscles. And frankly, all of my muscles were getting pretty small. The bicep workout a week ago showed very nice results after 7 days.  I didn't try to lift as much as I can today, I was just doing repetitions, but I remember the last time I was working out that I could do 75 more pounds of repetitions easily.  I'll work back up to it, hopefully anyway. I have no high expectations. I just had expectations of losing the weight.  Muscle gain isn't the highest priority, it's just a goal that can be met or not and I am fine with it either way. 

I mean, I'm going to be 55 in less than a month.  Getting old doesn't mean having to get fat but it  also shouldn't have unrealistic expectations, either. 

Everyone gone tomorrow, I'll likely get some stuff done around the house. As for now? Watch a movie lol. 

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