Monday, January 14, 2019

Getting into it.
My manager is apparently under the gun from drivers that are engaging in "backbiting and bitching going on". Well, truck drivers do that.  I think a lot of that stems from living in trucks and getting a rather shitty outlook on life.  It's compounded at our yard because there are literally no driver facilities there at all besides a bathroom.  No showers, no laundry, no driver room, no kitchen facilities excepting a microwave. It's very lame for a company making as much money as they are to leave people sitting in such conditions. These are drivers that rarely go home.

I do sympathize with the drivers in that department, but the bitching and backbiting has little to do with that. It's the slowdown and people sitting around much more than they are used to.  So everyone is trying to assess other's work load and whether it's fair or not.  Well, I didn't make near as much as some of these other drivers last year - they were up in the 6 figure department - but I don't care.  I don't want to be on the road as much as they are.  I am making very nice paychecks for the most part and tho I'm in the 80k range, that's more money than I've ever made. 

I've heard some of the bitching first hand.  Some of it is actually on par and they aren't really taking it to the manager, just people venting, I have no problem with that either. So I can only surmise that drivers are actually complaining to the manager herself about all of this slow down stuff.  Wait, I just remembered that one of the drivers said that several have gone in to her office complaining.  There's a fine line in my view to draw to keep yourself in good graces with a manager when it comes to complaining.

Although, from the Ferguson fiasco, there is definitely a time to address foul situations that shouldn't exist and even go above a manager's head if necessary.  None of that got me anywhere with that company, but it did  do one thing: weaned me enough of wanting to be at the place and now, even tho this company has a lot of middle and upper management issues, I'm much happier than when I was there.  I'm sure I could probably do better tho and I do put in an application here and there of a place that looks really good.....and by that, I mean excellent pay and home every night.  Long days? Sure but I already do 12 to 14 hour days, that's something I've finally gotten used to. 

I saw an ad yesterday of a place paying 82 cents per mile!  But out 6 days at a time. I just don't want to do that.  At least this job I might have a few times here and there where I'm out extended, but it is mitigated with enough runs where I get back in a day or 2 days. 

Anyway, she tried to tell me that I couldn't have a Brownsville run - which I changed my mind about Cheniere - cause of the bitching.  Well excuse me, but I didn't make this error on the scheduling, you did and you offered me Brownsville and I decided now that I want it, Cheniere won't hardly give me any miles to make up for lost time.  So then, she texted me while I was in the shower and then called me, so I called her back.  She simply stated that she would give me Brownsville.  I replied the only reason I asked is because I'll have been off for 6 days.  She agreed and that was the end of that.  I'm guessing she doesn't want me saying anything about it to anyone, and I won't.  It's not favoritism when everyone else gets a run and I don't. 

But I just figured that 2 days with a cheniere run is a waste of my time, I might as well take an extra day off but at least get something with some miles on it. And a potential for detention pay - but even without detention, the Brownsville run is a LOT more miles than Cheniere. 

Okay, well enough of that. Issue abated and moving on.  I've thought about my future with this company.  Switching over to the newly formed company but run by a competing company that runs it's trucks into the ground.  Do I want to spend my final working days here? Probably not.  Just it looks like I need at least 2 to even 4 years of hazmat tanker experience before any of these better, local companies will even consider me.  I get it: dangerous materials and very costly if you have a rollover, they are looking for the cream of the crop and they are putting up the wages to get them.

I've really got to try and make a decision.  Cause' it gets harder to quit a place the longer you've been there and the more benefits you start racking up. That was the case with Ferguson. I miss all that time off but I don't miss being broke.  I'm basically at the "final" stages of my working career.  Whatever I choose, it's going to have to be good enough to carry me into retirement.  If I get a good local offer, do I take it? Likely won't make as much money but a 5 grand decrease in pay for a better setup might be worth it.  I'll be 55 next month. If my health holds out, the earliest I can retire is 62.  Which isn't optimal for SS, better to wait at least 3 more years.  I dunno, but in the next few years several drivers where I'm working are going to retire, they are near the age. 

As for today? Nothing much.  It's cold outside, I've been burning fires every day except one since I got back from last trip.  I dunno if I"m going to do that today tho.  I instead think I should probably reorganize my room. I'm also interested in replacing this old futon I have in here for Adler.  I would like to get a new one that actually functions.  In other words, can be put in to "couch mode" easily. This one started falling apart so I have had it in bed mode for a long, long time now. 

It'd still be the dogs bed but I'd also put a plastic covering over the mattress to keep it from getting dogified.  Didn't do that with this one and it's pretty much ready to be discarded into the trash can.  A new futon isn't that much money anyway, I've seen decent ones for $160 range, delivered to your door.  I just want to make this room look nice and 2 whole beds taking up all the space isn't going to work for me.  It's really the only thing I spend money on , is upgrading the room.  I mean, yes I bought a vehicle but that was necessary. Anyway, I need to ask permission to get rid of this one it's not mine and I basically would be replacing theirs with a nicer one that doesn't have dog smell all over it.

Well anyway, I think I'll get out of the house and just go sightseeing or something.  Going stir crazy.             

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