Monday, January 21, 2019

Currently in the great state of Missouri, Neelysville to be exact, at the Arkansas state line.  No detention, no detention pay.  I was not bummed out by that, tho, considering the forecast in Illinois where I was at.  90% chance of rain and it's well below zero.  Freezing rain?  Icy roads? No thanks. We got that thing unloaded and I got the Hercules out of there heading as far south as I could as fast as I could - which isn't very fast in a truck governed at 65 MPH, but I didn't stop for anything but to look for a charging cord for my phone. 

The one I was using quit working.  They only last about 3 months.  It's a pretty good scam ATT has.  They sell charging cords at their "official" stores but the cords aren't manufactured by ATT and the warranty isn't ATT, it's through the manufacturer.  You already know when you buy that cord that it isn't going to last anything near the declared warranty period and you also know that when the damn thing stops working, you are going to throw it in the trash and go buy a new one.  I don't buy cords at the ATT store anymore. I have found places that sell them that work just as well and last just as long and cost much less. 

I like the concept of a smart phone, I am very set back by the costs associated with any of it.  There are cell providers that have really good deals, but their coverage sucks.  The only real, nationwide coverage you are going to find is Verizon.  I had thought ATT, being a huge company, would up their game over time and get good coverage everywhere. They have definitely NOT done that, I can attest to multiple, large numbers of places I have gone that have little or even no coverage at all. For the price I am paying, that is unacceptable. 

Whatever the case, I think I am clear of any rain.  Even if not, the temps here are much higher - high 20's - than what was going
on in Illinois.  I haven't checked the forecast in this region, do that later. 

I spent last night in a truck stop in a very small town off the beaten path - I have an app that finds these places.  I wanted to go there to watch the Patriots v KC game. There is a sports bar next door to the truckstop. I ended up texting mom for the entire length of the game I was there watching it - she's a huge NFL fan and watches all the playoff games.  It was 12 degrees when I got out of the truck to walk over to the bar. I came prepared with thermal socks, hat, gloves, thermal top and of course a very heavy winter coat.  So, not bad actually.  The game was fun to watch, I'm not a fan of either team but I wanted Patriots to lose badly, I've seen enough of them in Superbowls, but Brady is just too good. I think he may go down as the best quarterback in NFL history after the books are closed on him. KC made some outstanding plays, no doubt, they stayed in the running all the way up to the end, but in the end, Brady outdid them and Patriots won.

It was fun texting with mom and I have been making a point of it lately to make sure we talk to some extend every day.  She's old and lonely.  I"m not saying that in a bad way, she just is. She has lived too much of her life alone and now she is regretting it.  She is a wonderful mom and a very wonderful lady in general. Very easy to get along with. I think she goes to the AA meetings to have some kind of connection with society more than the need to deal with alcoholism - she hasn't had a drink in at least 40 years.  More than that.  In other words, at least in my view, she is not an alcoholic. 

I love her dearly and I think about some of the things she has been saying. I think if she brings it up again, I'll the "if you come to the point you need to live with" someone, I'll do it - but - I am not moving back to Arizona.  She'll lose her mountain trips but that is going to happen sooner or later anyway.  I'm guessing about the time she can't drive anymore she'll be reaching out for help. Don't read that wrong, I am in no way shape or form wishing that upon her, at all. It's awesome she's as old as she is and can still drive and live on her own.  But.... the ...coming.  Just another reason it would be great to have 50 or more acres of property. Might not be in the mountains but the area is definitely wooded.  Actually I think she'd like it where I live, just not the town, out in the country. 

Well it's cold here, lol.  If I were out 4 wheeling or hunting or something outdoors, I wouldn't care. Anything else? Especially working? No thanks..  But I resisted the idea of getting a hotel and am staying in the truck. And for once, at this truckstop, my internet has at least enough signal strength to operate the internet. Which isn't say much. As much as I despise Verizon customer service, they do have the superior service when it comes to reception pretty much anywhere you go. 

And so, I will be home tomorrow afternoon - around 4 or 5.  I would prefer to get sent back out the next day, as my finances have taken a beating with that 6 day off time I didn't ask for or want and a small paycheck before that - but - I know how this is going now.  I was given a rave review of another company that has come in and taking over some of our company's clientele. The owner of the company apparently is very caring and helpful towards employees, whether company drivers or owner operators.  I haven't filled out an application - yet - I'm still going to wait for a while to see what goes on here.  But I won't wait forever, lesson learned. Still, if about 3 more people were to leave, I would be getting as much work as I need.

Well, there's more, actually, but I got involved in a lengthy discussion about this Native American fiasco and these kids that were wrongfully accused in the totally biased media .... that don't engage in real journalism anymore ...


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