Friday, January 25, 2019

I woke up last night in the middle of the night - and was never able to get back to sleep.  I worked all day today on maybe 3 hours of sleep. The funny part about it? I wasn't sleepy most of the day.  In fact, I had some energy coming from somewhere that had me cranking all day long.  I don't mean cranking on drugs, either, lol, whatever was going on I had enough energy to drive 465 miles, stop for fuel and mandatory 30 minute breaks and finish the rest of the 120 miles out.  I thought that extraordinary. I have driven on that little amount of sleep before, it's usually agony and hellish. 

Very disappointed to get down here and see not one, but 2 trailers sitting in the yard.  If there hadn't been one here, I would have had to wait until Monday morning, a scenario I was really hoping would happen. 

Not the end of the world, tho I'll be home tomorrow/Saturday night and then sit another 2 days cause she sent me nothing for Monday.  I didn't expect her to, but one can hope.

Meanwhile, shit going down at the other house.  Rene has a penchant for calling the police when the police don't need to be called. Jeff, the male tenant that allegedly does crank and is leaving at the end of the month, was allegedly doing it today - tho he wasn't doing it at the house.  They have no proof and he isn't acting out. 

Ahhh, now I get it: Rene is drunk.  And off in lah lah land. And going off on me in text messaging and I'm now ignoring her.  She is going to move to Michigan, she says and okay, whatever.  So, now this new lady - really sweet - recovering addict but really on the right path - wants to take over.  I mean, she doesn't do any drugs or anything.  I mean, I really don't need to do this, I can leave the dogs at home, but they would be out on there own for 10 hours a day.  They're animals, yes, but dogs will tend to get into trouble when left alone for long periods of time.  Aspyn will just jump over the fence and terrorize the neighborhood, Addler will pee all over everything, tho that's the extend of his evils lmao.

So, while I'm writing this, I'm texting this lady and trying to get this done. She will watch my dogs - she has 2 of her own. 


The situation with Rene got so bad - she's drunk - that I asked Taylor if she or James would go get my dogs.  She is blaming me for getting that guy in there - even tho she talked to him in person before he moved in. You can't always hit it right, that guy is gone in 5 days, but me? I'm the devil in her eyes and because she is drunk.  She claims she isn't drunk, but I lived with her for 2 years and I know when her texts show she has drank too much. Not to mention that the other lady living there confirmed it.

Whatever. I blocked her. I won't continue to engage with that nonsense. I have helped her out endlessly and this is the thanks I get.  No good deed goes unpunished, as the old saying goes.

And with that, I"m offa here, going to calm myself down and go to sleep. 

Government shutdown day 34.  Both measures - Trump's and Democrats = shot down in the Senate.  The bickering, the yelling and the anger is heating up.  Both sides are hunkered down, but people are starting to mad at all of them, the whole lot, not one side or the other, both sides that are unable to simply do the jobs they were voted in to deal with.  IN all of this, Democrats have flatly said no to any negotiations.  I mean, nothing. It's their way or the highway.  Trump is now offering a "down payment" on the wall offer.  There is only one thing that Democrats care about in all of this nonsense: regaining power in the White House in 2020.  If Trump gets a wall win, they lose more footing.  It's all identity politics and has nothing to do with governing the nation.  If they all don't figure this out soon, they will all be losers.  That's my prediction for 2020, they best get this situation dealt with, fast.

I could give my thoughts on the kid and the indian but why bother.  It became obvious after the firestorm that erupted against those kids that - the media was completely and totally wrong.

The accusation about Trump and Cohen was also brought quickly, the media fell for it, it took Mueller's team to refute it.  It simply shows the mindsets of the liberal media. They don't care to corroborate stories any more, they just fall for the next narrative and blast it out, true or not.

Thursday. Yet another day I didn't want to sit home - cause' honey, I need to be making money right now.
A pleasant surprise, I guess.  I actually have a paycheck coming tonight - small one, very small but better than nothing.  I have no clue what it's from. I was unwillingly off for 6 days which reflects that lack of a paycheck. I can only surmise being paid back for them ripping me off from another paycheck earlier.

So, anyway, I texted my manager. When am I going out again?  I am surmising other drivers are getting the same "treatment" because there's not enough work to go around, from what they've told me.  An hour later, hearing nothing back, I threw in an ?.  She said hold on, I'm trying to see if they'll let a new trailer in down there.

2 hours later, she sends me a run, going to Brownsville - with a new trailer. This will be the first time we send one of those down there.  Not preferable for obvious reasons.  They steal tires, lights, brass, whatever off of them things.  Not every single time, but when it happens, well, you've got a mess on your hands that you have to fix.  I can only assume there isn't an old trailer in the yard to be able to use.  But, I get a run, that will take me into Saturday night at least.  I guess I"ll be sitting another 2 days. Better than 6 I guess, but I'll be asking her if I have a run for Monday anyway before Friday is over with.

I spent so much time fooling with vehicles and other things yesterday, I decided to do little to nothing today.  An hour spent prepping a crock pot stew and making lunch, built a fire, and that has been it.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...