Friday, February 1, 2019

The roads getting here ... about 30 miles cause' I took major throughways that have been driven on all night versus side highways that were covered with fresh snow - where not so great.  It didn't help that on the final highway I was stuck behind a snow plow going anywhere between 5 and 20 miles per hour.  The road was not that bad, he should have been moving at least twice the speed he was going.  There was at least a mile backed up behind this character and even when he had the chance to pull over and let traffic pass? He didn't do so. 

Well, it's snowing and has been since I left the hotel.  This disappointment was when I finally arrived at the plant - they have been experience 45 below wind chills here,  I was informed, and a couple of days they just shut down and went home coupled with their pump that hasn't been working.  Who knows if it's working now?  They said it "should".  So I'm wasting on-duty hours sitting here.  I like detention pay but this won't be enough to make it worth it and will just eat up my clock and will force this 4 day trip into 5 days.  Now, if they shut down again today, that would be a different story. Go to a hotel - paid for by the company - and get some decent detention hours on it.

Which takes me to the next subject.  I looked at my pay deposit in my checking account, less than half of what I was expecting.  NO MORE. I'm not going to sit around waiting for these idiots to do their job and go broke while it happens.  I immediately texted my manager - my pay has been shorted yet again. I was and am pissed.  I've had enough of this shit and I"m ready to start looking seriously for a new job when I get home.  This just isn't worth sticking it out - not when they continue to shaft me on pay. 

The end result is I finally got a hold of that lady in Amarillo that you can never get a hold of.  I"ve called her numerous times with no reply and have left several voice messages with no return call.  I kind of dumped on her in a semi-polite way - about the time she started making lame excuses I just put my foot down. You will go through all of my settlement sheets today and rectify my pay against what those sheets are telling you, thanks. 

I then texted my manager: I can't keep doing this.  My paychecks aren't covering my bills and this is the third time I've been shafted on my pay.  Etc so forth, basically let her know I would be looking for a new job.  Most incompetent company I've ever worked for.  The switch over to this "new" company has been pathetic and it's like they don't give a damn if you get paid of not. 

Anyway, I"m getting off of here. I have to wait for who knows how long to get unloaded and right now? I"m rather aggravated. 
Something woke me out of a dead sleep this morning at around 4:37 am.  I was going to get up at 5 am. Knowing how I sleep? I just got up, took a nice, long hot shower and dried myself off as best as possible, knowing that in a little while? I'm going to be outside in this frigid cold and I'm going to be outside in it for a while.  So I actually have a little bit of extra time, something I hadn't planned for. 

Opening the door to check on the truck - I left it running all night long with the idea that turning the thing on this morning wouldn't be an issue - a blanket of snow has fallen across the land.  It's 3 degrees right now with a real feel of minus 10.  All I can say? I am putting on all my thermal stuff and outer layers and hopefully we won't run into the same problems as last time.  I am prepared for that today. I just don't know how this frigid cold is going to affect trying to build up pressure in the coils.  It works on the principle of the extremely cold fluid going through the lines under the truck and heating up since the outside air temperature is much higher than the product.

Well, that's still true but not near as much.  So, this may take even longer than hoped for, who knows.  It takes about 50 minutes to pump out the contents of the truck - but that's only once the pump is going.  It could take 2 hours to get it to that point?  I'm not holding my breath and figuring I'll need to simply be mentally prepared to withstand this junk for as long as it takes. 

However, I think I'm going to leave a bit early.  The roads are probably whacked out and it will take longer to get there.  They are sticklers about being there at 6 am and I don't mind getting this show over with as early as possible.  In fact, with that in mind, I think I'll take my leave and get out of this place.

Good day.

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