Thursday, February 7, 2019

State of the Union address was marvelous.  Trump said all the right words and put the onus on Democrats to stop with the political games and start dealing. Of course, democrats came on after the SOTU and called Trump all kinds of stupid names and said the speech was horrible and did nothing to unite the nation . Of course it didn't, that's their progressive agenda.  They can't have a President who is facing an election in a year and a half having any wins!  That would be horrible!  Lmao.

Actually, Dem reaction was predictable. Just as predictable is that nothing will get done in Congress. It may not be such a bad thing that bills with outrageous spending on them such as the Green New Deal will go absolutely no where.  7 trillion dollars was one estimate I read for that nonsense.  Every expert on greenhouse energy has stated that it's impossible to be 100% renewable energy at the moment, but any person with any amount of common sense and who reads about this stuff would have already known that.  They won't have it in 10  years, either, which is the set date for 100% energy being sourced by renewables.  The only source of energy that exists that could cover all of that is nuclear power plants and those are extremely expensive to build an maintain - but it does not rely on fossil fuels.

I got distracted yesterday and didn't remember to get back to this.  Day 2 of being off.  I figured that was what was going to happen.  I'll hopefully get a run for tomorrow, a good run - 2 day solid one at least and then maybe one for Monday again. 

Yes! Just looked at my paycheck for tomorrow - more than the last 3 paychecks combined. That's what I need and should be getting every week.  That makes me feel better at least.  Next week should be very good too, those runs are already turned in.  Actually, next week should be a thousand more than this week's. That will get me all caught up. Which doesn't mean I'm not going to stop looking for a new job.  I'm just being picky about who I apply with and so far I haven't heard anything back. 

Meanwhile, Taylor called me out to the kitchen last night with a proposal: Let's go to Galveston Beach!  Ummm, okay!  Not til' this summer, but sure, why not? Get away from here, have some fun on a beautiful beach and have a good time.  They're going to work it out so James parents come down and watch the boys - it really wouldn't be much of a vacation if you brought those kids. They are too young yet to be able to just romp around on the beach without constant adult supervision. It would just be a babysitting outing. I did specify that I was not going to drive - at all - and that I would be getting my own hotel room, thanks.  They didn't care about either stipulation.  Good.

Now then, it would be nice if they could work out the specific dates so we can book rooms in advance.  I'd just get the insurance in case the dates change, but summer time at Galveston Beach is a very popular place and time to be there.  Hotel rooms likely go for much more than they are right now.  There are some really nice resorts down there - tho paying that much money isn't really in my mind and they wouldn't want to do that anyway. But a Comfort Inn or a Holiday Inn brand would work nicely.  I think it's 4 days/3 nights we would be staying down there, which is about right for me.  I'm kind of excited about that - but it's really depending on if they follow through and actually do it - which really depends on their tax return. 

Taxes - really need to get that going.  I have my W2 from last year, it would be pretty simple to go ahead and Turbo Tax it and get it over with.  I should be getting a huge chunk of change back, well I dunno, I think anyway.  I'm in a different tax bracket, one I've never been in so I dunno how that works.  Just have to fill out the forms and find out. 

Anyway, I'm going to go to Tractor Supply today and get professional strength dog deterrent. That dumb puppy craps all over the porch and it's disgusting.  They put down the cayenne pepper as I relayed to them the info about how to get the puppy to stop doing it there, but they didn't put down the vinegar first, so the puppy wasn't deterred and just started crapping on the porch all over again.  They sell stuff that will make it very unpleasant for them to want to be anywhere near that area. I want to work out and get my arms and chest back to some semblance of what it used to be, but no way am I working out in the midst of a sea of dog poop, that's just gross. 

Speaking of animals, I opened my closet door and leaving it open. The kitten - which is almost not a kitten anymore - goes in there and sniffs around. I'm sure that's where the mice are coming from, a cat is the best deterrent around.  But I'm getting more glue traps anyway, really need to catch the mama and nip this in the bud. 

As for today? 90% chance of rain.  I didn't do anything yesterday cause' I didn't feel like it. Today, I wanted to blow the leaves off the front yard.  That isn't going to happen, it's already raining.  Gag.  The front yard is literally covered with leaves.  The natural look, lmao.

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