Monday, February 11, 2019

Time for a fat intake day.
Not because I want to, but I've been slowly going out of ketosis.
Too much protein is likely the culprit.
No matter there, I'm going to eat cream cheese all day long.
That usually does the trick.
I love cream cheese, it's full of fat, the only meal I'll eat will be dinner tonight, the rest of the day will be cream cheese- maybe some pork rinds.

I could also make some fat bombs, which I am contemplating.
I haven't really made any of that so far, but they look delicious
and they serve the purpose.  I think I'll also put a couple tablespoons of butter in a cup of coffee.
These are all tricks people use to get back into ketosis. I'm in "small" ketosis right now which
isn't good enough.  Although it's possible that I have become "keto adapted" and the ketones
just aren't showing up as much.  Another thing people do is fast for 18 hours.  But I've already
eaten a large amount of cream cheese and my final cup of coffee of the morning is definitely going
to have butter in it.

Meanwhile, my new convertible sofa - should be here tomorrow. That's unfortunate because I'm likely not going to be here tomorrow.  I can only hope upon delivery that it's put on the porch and out of the rain and that no one will come along and us their 5 Finger Discount card to acquire it. I'm really looking forward to getting rid of this thing I have in here now. It was my friend's - they had no use for it so I've used it as a dog bed for the last couple of years - but it's done, toast and fried.  I'm going to pay them for the amount they paid for it since my dogs have basically trashed it and then put the new thing in it's place.  It won't last forever either, but it's much better looking and I do my best to keep large blankets over them to keep dog hair and odor off of them.

It rained all  night long, no chance of blowing the leaves up again.  In fact, the only way those leaves are coming up apparently is good ole' fashioned raking.  I'll finish the back yard before I start on the front.  And maybe build a fire.


Just spent the afternoon visiting with a new neighbor over at the other house.  They just moved here from Seattle, Washington.  Long story - but they are initiating extremely restrictive gun laws - mostly aimed at semi-autos and with that? They decided to leave the state.  Yup, people tend to leave when their rights are being stripped of them.  Couple that with high taxation and liberal policies? A conservative isn't going to want to live in an area like that.  It was pretty interesting conversation that went on for several hours. It was nice.

The new tenant that is moving in there is also pretty cool.  I think I may have just found some friends.  I dunno, but I'll definitely pursue it.  Until it either pans out is a dead end on either party.  I just need more friends here is all. I'd probably be more motivated to go out and do things outdoors if I were hanging out with like-minded people. 

Anyway, I reminded my manager I'm here, asked her if I'm being sent out anywhere and she said yes.  That was earlier, no run yet.  But, she doesn't deal with that stuff until the end of the day.  That's just the way the industry works. 

And, finally, put cube steaks into the crockpot with a nice tomato sauce and some vegetables.  I decided to throw in a small roast with it.  I'm going out on the road, might as well have something to take along with me. 

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...