Tuesday, February 12, 2019

And just like that, the weight starts coming off again. ???
Down to 198.  My goal weight was 182 originally, but I adjusted that
to anywhere in the 180's.  Cause' I don't really think I need to be that thin.
182 was my weight for most of my adult life - it flucuated around that but
it was always around that number.  I was pretty skinny.  I dunno, but it feels
good to be below 200 and going down. 

According to one chart I was looking at, I was obese at my highest weight before
starting this diet and I'm still overweight now.  It also says for my height I need to be
down to 182 at the most to be in the normal range.  I'm guessing that's probably about
right, actually.  Another site told me close to the same thing, but giving me up to 188
pounds to be in the normal range.  See, the thing is, overweight is the new norm in
America.  Being 210, 220 pounds people consider normal.  Which I know it's not
and never accepted as such, I just wasn't doing anything about it. 

My BMI is too high and even my BMI scale tells me that beyond these charts I
have been looking at.  It's not discouraging - at all.  It actually motivates me even
more to push forward and move on with this.  At one point in my life, I had 4.9
percent body fat, now I'm way higher than that, tho the mirror is, thankfully, showing
the results.  My gut is disappearing, my butt is disappearing, my thighs are shrinking. 

On the road again.  Tuesday morning.  I'll be heading out to the yard to get the truck, hook
up to a trailer and head out to the plant.  Destination: Stryker Ohio again.  Looking at the
radar map, I'm either going to be running into rain or snow - or both.  Actually, I dunno.
I might actually be avoiding all of that today, looks like snow in/near Stryker tomorrow.
The good thing is the temps are expected to be 23 degrees, which is a far cry better than
the temps it was at last time up there,  showing up at the plant in zero degree weather.

I just get concerned about slippery roadways.  Especially hauling what I'm hauling.  I'm not
afraid of it, per se, but I have a healthy respect for foul weather conditions considering some
of the pictures of stalled out trucks and trucks that have slid off the highway that surface
every time a snow storm goes through any given area.  Last time up there - which wasn't long
ago - I saw at least 100 trucks stalled out on the side of the highway.  I don't want to be one of
those people.  Well, ok, I sort of do, breakdown pay is excellent and starts the second the
truck breaks down, lol.  I have plenty of warm clothing.

There usually isn't any chance of detention pay on this run.  But it's over 2,000 miles round
trip so it's good mileage pay. 

Oh. Yesterday.  I was over at the other house. Rene is definitely intent on leaving, good thing
she's sticking around long enough to get some new people in there.  But there was a new family
that just moved in across the street and the dude  came over to discuss guns and Texas laws.
They just moved from Washington State, Seattle to be precise, which has ridiculous, outrageous
gun laws they recently enacted.  He stated that half of his gun collected will become illegal to own
there when the new law goes into effect and that was the line that was crossed to make them want
to move.  The other ridiculous scenario is outrageous taxation.  There's a reason people are leaving
California, New York and other states.  These people love these wonderful socialist programs -
until they have to start paying for them. 

Anyways, best be off of here to get my stuff and get out.  It's always nice, tho, to start my SUV from
my bedroom and have it warmed up by the time I get to it : )

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