Friday, February 15, 2019

I just got done eating a pint of chocolate ice cream.  It was ooooh sooooo delicious.
It was also only 6 grams of carbs for the entire pint : ) I've been wanting to do that and tonight was the night.  I paid enough money for that stuff, might as well indulge.  I have other flavors as well. Mint, cookie dough - of which I've had some already and it's quite delicious replete with large chunks of cookie dough in it - I think another flavor I can't remember what now.

I think the test strip was bad or something, I took a reading this morning and it showed nothing.  But, I just did it again and almost in the moderate range, the best range to be in.  So who knows?  But I'm still under 20 carbs today even with that pint cause' that reading this morning startled me and I ate nothing but fat and meat today, zero carbs, zero sugars. 

Umm well anyway, I got back to the yard today- I'm done with the 4 day trip to and basically unleashed. The truck still has all of those warning lights showing - after what, a year now? - it's back to having the cruise control not working more often than not.  Let me tell you, when you're sitting behind the wheel for as many hours a day as I do, you need that cruise control to work.  I've gotten to the point now that I have trained my left leg how to use the accelerator and braking because I can't use my right leg on that foot pedal all day long.  But I flatly told my manager and the mechanic who happened to be in there that I was drawing the line. 

The manager informed me I am going back out tomorrow.  Okay, where? Baker.  Back and forth for a while - you have Brownsville runs? Yes I got 47 of them for this month.  Well send me to Brownsville! But, she's handing out the routes as the drivers roll in.  She has no sense of fairness, actually, when handing these runs out . She will give a person back to back Cheneire runs if it works out that way in the order they come in, instead of ensuring that a driver get a good run along with a bad run.  Well whatever, I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow morning after just getting back from Ohio today. 

A bad thing? No, my paychecks have been terrible, I'd take back to back work for quite a while just to get caught back up.  34 hour resets are mandatory, so those would be my saving grace.  In fact, now that I think about it, I'll need a 34 hour reset after these 2 trips.  I'll be off for 2 days - legitimately off - not off because there isn't any work. 

But today, after getting home........another driver called me.  What's up?  He went off for a full 5 minutes of bitching about the manager, the job and getting shafted on pay - that will piss off any worker at any employer. He's had the same problems I have in getting shorted on pay - tho I have also been shorted an entire paycheck.  And I'm still waiting to get paid for a run from last year.  He stated he knows the President of the this new company personally - and gave me his personal cell phone number.  LMAO!!  Umm, yeah, that's bad news for my manager and that idiot payroll person in Amarillo. 

It was a rather long conversation not worth going into all of it, but the end of the story he gave me this dude's number and his blessing to tell this President that  he gave me your number.  Well, I have a lot of things I'd like to point out to this individual if I ever do call and actually do get his ear for a few moments of time.  I'm not acting on that right away - but I will if more of this nonsense occurs.

So that's it for now.  Off to Barnsdall tomorrow, be home on Sunday morning/early afternoon. 

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