Monday, February 18, 2019

Weight stuck at 199.
Better than going up to the 235 I would be at by now - at least - if I hadn't started on this diet many months ago. 

Anyway, I just took the entire Convertible Sofa assembly out of the huge box.  There were gaping holes in the box so I was concerned the thing was damaged, but it appears to be alright.  But, as expected, looks like quite the project to put the thing together.  I'll be working on that today and also some errands needing to be run around town. 


The whole day is now gone. I ended up just shoving the sofa into my room - in it's folded up state in a corner.  I went out side and got out the blower and started on the front yard.  I spent well over an hour just trying to get the leaves up off of one corner of the lot.  We let it go too long. Several layers of leaves and the bottom layer is wet. There is a HUGE pile of leaves against the house now where I blew all that mess to, replete with snakes flying up in the air as I was disrupting their habitat.  No snakes were harmed in this operation, but if I had the chance, I would have killed them. They got back into the leaves before I could do anything,. 

Anyway, I went to several stores, took over the top mattress of the futon for the dog bed here - I had 2 mattresses - for them over there at the other house. I bought dog beds for Addler and Aspyn when we first started this stuff over there, but they don't have enough cushion for Addler.  He's too big and heavy even for the dog bed version.  The futon mattress is thick and he will enjoy that much more.   And back home, making 2 dinners.  I figured the chicken wouldn't be enough for me to have enough to take with me on the next trip, so I made this weird meatloaf full of ground beef and chorizo.

Somewhere during all of this was my next load sent to me: Alabama.  I had to think about this one for a while.  I haven't been to that plant in at least 8 months.  I have no understanding how she goes about handing out routes, but others that have been there for a while and observed her - her being the manager - have stated that her methodology for handing out routes is quite unfair.  Whatever. this is a decent run. Should only take 2 days, or at most 2 days and back the 3rd morning. 

What's the take? I'm getting sent out, at least for now, after a day home instead of after 2 days home.  My paychecks will pick back up.  But only if it stays this way.  And yes, I'm happy about it even if it means on the road a lot more.  But, this Amarillo run - done in November - that I still haven't been paid for and they are still playing their little games with. I'ma send my manager and this clown in payroll a notice if I am not paid for this run on Friday: Get it on my next paycheck, or expect to hear from upper management.     

And so it is. Other things going on, but I need to get my stuff ready for the morning. 

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