Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday, 27th of February.  Watching the spectacle of Michael Cohen's testimony about to begin and the summit with North Korea.  And on Facebook in groups where people spout off "facts" that have no clue what they are talking about concerning politics.  People hear what they want to hear and turn it into a twisted story of their version of truth.  Some of it is highly entertaining, some of it is amazingly stupid. 

I'm waiting until around 9:30 am to call the shop and get a report.  Well, maybe 10:00 am, I don't have to check out until noon.  My hope would be that they can't fix it today and spend another night here, the reality of it is: who knows?  This problem has eluded numerous other mechanics, but this shop says they are going to discuss the situation with the actual manufacturer of the system that is malfunctioning to see if they can fix it.

Our mechanic, after looking at the codes, spelled out what he would have to do to find the problem.  A series of tests throughout the system that would likely take "days" to complete.  Not really in love with having to take Lyfts or Ubers back and forth, I'll get reimbursed but if there is another night here, it's not going to be at this hotel.  The only restaurant nearby is the one in the Holiday Inn and there is nothing else within walking distance.  But, that bridge can be crossed if it comes.  I'm closing in on 24 hours of breakdown pay, something I haven't had in a while and something my paychecks have reflected.

That along with not enough work.

No great plans for today.  Nothing to do but watch the news and read stuff on the net.  At least this hotel had breakfast and included sausage, something I can eat on my diet.  They had egg omelettes of which I grabbed two, started to eat one and then realized they may have added milk to it.  Milk is a no no.  They actually had almond milk in the fridge down there, amazing surprise.  Keto/low carb is much more popular than I understood it to be. 

The Holiday Inn restaurant didn't have any actual keto selections, but a lot of meals can be modified to make it so, I just ended up with a burger, no bun or sauces save mustard, some broccoli and - got stuffed on it. The burger patty was huge. 

I haven't lost any more weight, so I'm going to get serious about this again. Not that I have strayed from the low carb stuff, but more serious about counting calories along with carbs.  It would be really nice to get down to goal weight and get this over with.  Right now, I just eat whatever is low carb and keep track. I kinda lost the idea of calorie counting. Starting today I'm going back that route.  I had 4 small sausage patties, about 370 calories. My goal will be to keep it around 1,200 today and go for a walk, at least, to burn off some energy. 

And the speculation about Cohen goes on. He's going to call Trump a bonafide racist, reportedly and allegedly show ties with Russia.  The man is a certified liar, his credibility will be shot before he enters the hearing room. Whether he's telling the truth or not?  Well, I'm more interested in the never-ending Mueller investigation and the elusive report. Supposedly the new DOJ director is ending the investigation and the report will be out soon.  And supposedly, they may try to keep the report from the public. 

I don't care what that reports says, after all of this time? I want to see what it says, especially considering the amount of division this investigation has caused this nation. 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...