Wednesday, March 6, 2019

So, stuck down in Brownsville overnight and part of the next day (yesterday), I was able to spend some time talking with one of the OO's.  He didn't have any advice for me either way.  He stated that they have slowed down OO work and giving company drivers more.  We talked for hours - tho not about company stuff or trucks.  It was really a bummer to find out that the plant down there is shut down, the 2 trailers coming up were going to be the last 2 for days....meaning I could have been down there for days.  The thing is, another driver was ahead of me to go down there, but something was wrong with the trailer and he had to take it back. So I ended up getting down there before him - and losing that position to stay down there.  As it stands, there were 3 full trailers sitting in the yard. That is highly unusual and goes to certify the fact that they have an issue at the the plant that uses the Ethylene.

So I left noonish yesterday.  I figured I might just drive to Lufkin and spend the night there, no sense in having to be out all night long when they don't need the trailer right away.

Wrong. My manager calls me about halfway back up: It shows here that E005 was delivered to the yard down there, is that the trailer you are pulling back up?  Yup.  I knew what was coming before she said it: "Well I have it scheduled for a load tomorrow morning, I need it up here tonight".  I just said okay, I'll get it done, knowing full well it would be midnight or later by the time I get home.  And it was 12:15 am when I finally arrived at the doorstep to "my" house, dogs in tow. I wasn't going to leave them at the other house all night long.

Addler was really wanting a lot of attention both last night and this morning. In fact, he decided all on his own this morning that he was going to get out of his bed and come join me in mine.  140 pounds of dog that gets up into bed and then falls on top of you....that's what he does lol.  Meanwhile, I have someone coming to get the old futon today.  Hopefully anyway, I posted a "free" ad on marketplace and had a taker within minutes.  It's addlers bed, but I have a brand new one, sitting here waiting to get the old one out of the way.  It's a very nice Futon I bought, but there is no room to put it together with the other one in the way.  I'm trying to transform my room into something nice. It's a slow process cause' I have to buy new everything.  Computer desk is next on the list. I want one of those beautiful glass versions. 

I woke up much too early this morning - 6 straight, solid hours of sleep but not enough and couldn't get back to sleep.  Just get up and take a nap this afternoon.  Hopefully get sent back out tomorrow.  I can't sit around too long, when I do I start losing the desire to drive and then the first day back at work really sucks, as it did on Monday. 

This money that was given to me jumped my savings account up to almost 11 grand.  I figure another 9 grand and I can think about finding some property.  Like 50 to 100 acres worth.  That can be partially zoned for a small mobile home park, the rest play area preferably with a decent house on  it. Either rent it or if it's nice enough, get out of here.  I'd have to talk the folks into moving with me  tho, lol. But, they are down for country living on a big property, just has to be somewhat close to town. 

Well, today.  Not sure, I'm really not motivated. I mean, if they come to get this futon at 4:00 pm, I'll have my hands full getting the old one out and then setting up the new one. That may just be enough for one day's goals considering lack of sleep and having had driven all day yesterday and potentially having to go out again tomorrow somewhere.  I was going to take Rene to Applebee's for final outing before she leaves, but she blew up on me again out of the blue and I'm done with her.  She really pissed me off, calling me names, calling me a dictator, all kind of nonsense.  She got mad because I wanted a married couple that are friends with my friends here - and have become my friends as well - to come over and look at the house and room she is vacating soon.

She hates him because he pressed the issue with her about calling the FBI on our neighbor's son.  She lied, saying she never called the FBI, but there is written documentation to prove it.  She called that boy a domestic terrorist! Anyway,  I just can't stand her anymore.  She's always right and the entire world is wrong type of person.  Her way or the highway.  I flat stood up against her and told her opinion is no longer relevant about who moves in since she is leaving.  That infuriated her - but she had already dug her nails under my skin so I didn't really care at that point. Her opinion really isn't relevant.  She won't be living there.  She is the most ungrateful person I have ever met.  I really bent over backwards to try and help her out. 

I have been helping people all my life, sometimes I regret having done so. In this case, definitely sorry that I went out of my way.  I don't need anyone to watch my dogs while I'm gone, I can leave them here, my friends will watch them. It's just a nicety that they have a place to go to and can hang out with humans and be tended to instead of left outside all day long.  They get attention and I like that cause' I'm gone for days at a time.  And dogs, when left alone, can get into trouble.  Tear things up and destroy things. 

Well I think I"ll head up to the bank and deposit this check. It isn't doing me any good sitting here....

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...